Information Center : Success Stories of our clients

Here you will find success stories of our clients that describe how you can use Actual Tools utilities to make your day-to-day Windows activities easier and more fun!

Client Date Program Description
Ulrich Oberender October 22, 2015 Actual Multiple Monitors I'm a teacher and Actual Multiple Monitors allows me to peek my notes without showing my students the contents of my future sessions.
William Crighton April 21, 2008 Actual Window Manager I am a reasonable Microsoft XP fan and Actual Window Manager is a godsend to me.
Michael Fleischer February 22, 2008 Actual Transparent Window I have found the gradient tool to be the most useful function of Actual Transparent Window.
Laurel Gabriel August 28, 2007 Actual Window Minimizer I use it to automatically minimize one program to system tray without affecting any other windows.
Patrick S. Lewis August 27, 2007 Actual Window Manager Very small screen and no hardware keyboard on my slate Tablet PC, so the Pin to desktop and Roll Up functions will help manage multi-tasking.
Stefaan Casteleyn August 17, 2007 Actual Window Manager I like to change the position of the program window with one mouse-click to left or right half of my screen.
Richard Ozenbaught August 4, 2007 Actual Window Manager I like placing programs in task tray and the transparency feature – because it looks so cool.
Janet Kelly April 12, 2007 Actual Window Manager I use Minimize to Tray with all apps; the window auto-sizing with Remote Desktop connections.
Lou Sigety January 08, 2007 Actual Window Manager All in all this is a great application – especially for those of us that want to have a lot of control over windows on our screen…
Gordon Enfield September 23, 2006 Actual Window Manager When I discovered Actual Window Manager I was only looking for Minimize to Tray and Stay on Top, so you are already ahead of the pack in my books!
Brian Rea July 11, 2006 Actual Title Buttons You have joined the ranks of software that I have ever paid to own :)
Jocelyn Bouriant May 18, 2006 Actual Window Manager I use it mostly with Internet Explorer.
Mike Knight December 5, 2005 Actual Window Manager Actual Window Manager is great, I will use it a lot!
Edward Chu November 30, 2005 Actual Window Manager I hope that other users would be benefited from this useful toolkit.
Hector Mendoza October 18, 2005 Actual Transparent Window I added the translucent effect to some of the windows in the GUI.
Steve Hobberstad October 4, 2005 Actual Title Buttons Actual Title Button is an AWESOME utility which has become an overnight favorite!
Klaas Dijkstra September 16, 2005 Actual Window Minimizer I was searching for Mozilla extensions but couldn't find a simple application/extension to minimize Thunderbird. Searched in Google and was very pleased to find your program.
Daniel Millwood August 19, 2005 Actual Window Manager Being able to minimise conversation windows and Media Player to the system tray while working was a god send to be certain!
Steve Mirsky June 2, 2005 Actual Window Guard In ten minutes, I've configured my applicatons and am using them with easy.
Tobiel Sayre May 18, 2005 Actual Window Manager Optimizing daily procedures with macros, position and size your window for mouse-based macros.
John Matthew April 19, 2005 Actual Window Guard I see all of my open windows without any overlap.
Kevin Wisner February 22, 2005. Actual Transparent Window I'm a stock daytrader with four monitors and currently use 70% transparency with ghosting to overlay one stock chart over another stock chart.
Stephen Pickett February 1, 2005 Actual Window Manager I do a lot of work with up to 10 windows open at a time, and it's nice to be able to sit a document with valid info always on top to copy from it to other programs.
Nilsson R. Ysasaga January 11, 2005 Actual Window Manager This product is one that has become more and more valuable to me as I do a great deal of work with network administration and remote administration.
D Meyers December 17, 2004 Actual Window Manager As traders, we are always looking for ways to increase the space on our monitors and your Actual Window Manager is a real time-saver.
Johan Slabbert November 15, 2004 Actual Window Manager I use the Stay Always-on-Top function the most. It is EXCELLENT!! It keeps the web-cam on top of other windows...
Joshua Blackman November 10, 2004 Actual Title Buttons I rigged up my webcam to point at my door, and then use your software to keep that display on top in the bottom right corner of my screen. I love it and use it every day.
Taylor Nielsen November 4, 2004 Actual Title Buttons My desktop is now neat and organized. The Minimize to Tray feature is undeniably the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Michael Patrick October 21, 2004 Actual Window Manager I like the fact that your program actually adds a Minimize Alternatively button to program windows so that I can minimize the application to the system tray.
Hugh Matthews October 11, 2004 Actual Title Buttons The Stay Always-on-Top button is the only feature I plan to use and it's very useful
Bill Friedrich October 7, 2004 Actual Title Buttons I try to develop all my windows so that the windows look good at different resolutions... Now, instead (of manually resize my windows), your program makes it a one-click affair - very nice!
Evan Al-Chokhachy September 9, 2004 Actual Window Manager One of the features I liked best is your current user interface. It is easy to use, complete and thorough in what it offers the end-user. Great job!!!
Diana Genario August 11, 2004 Actual Title Buttons Here at Pepsi Headquarters I work in 7 programs at one time all through the day. The days of minimizing windows to the task bar and flipping from program window to program window are OVER thanks to your wonderful program!!! My day will flow much easier now that I have this.
Scott Huntington August 2, 2004 Actual Transparent Window I use transparency for the MSN Messenger, and WINAMP... I'm very impressed, and happy with the outcome of this program!
Suneetha Sarala Jule 7, 2004 Actual Window Minimizer I was looking for something to minimize the clutter in my taskbar and move some icons to the permanent tray and came upon Actual Window Minimizer. I have been using it by default everyday for the last 2 years and have been very happy with it.
David Kotchan Jule 1, 2004 Actual Title Buttons I can keep available certain data in a 'table' (Excel spreadsheet) which floats on-top all the time, so I can refer to it while working in other apps.
Andrew McKay June 22, 2004 Actual Window Manager I like to keep a small Excel window on top of another application (that runs in real time). This is of great benefit, as it allows me to remain more focussed on the mental processes involved...
Stephen Ross June 14, 2004 Actual Title Buttons When using Applications such as Photoshop, Premiere, Cubase Audio Production or Dreamweaver Web Design you often have a few control panels, plug-ins, plus certain other complimentary Apps open, I find it indispensable to be able to Roll Up + "Stay Always-on-Top" them...
Philip Degarmo June 1, 2004 Actual Title Buttons If you value your time, you should consider making the time you spend on the computer more productive. Do yourself a favor; help yourself make better use of your time with Actual Tool's Actual Title Buttons.
Jyrki Laaksonen February 23, 2004 Actual Title Buttons (I have used Actual Title Buttons with) Excel, Word, PDF - information transfer to CAD/CAE tools, where normal copy-paste is not feasible.
Peter Enge January 30, 2004 Actual Window Manager Minimize to Tray Yahoo mail when not in use and keep Microsoft Management Concole (MMC) on top.
Jason M. Purcell October 24, 2003 Actual Title Buttons Actual Title Buttons is a robust productivity utility supported by extraordinarily caring and efficient support personnel at a reasonable price.
Kevin D. Higgins September 29, 2003 Actual Title Buttons The two features I use (most) are the always on top and the reduce to system tray. I love this product. It is my favorite piece of shareware.
Kenneth Salzman September 15, 2003 Actual Title Buttons I have used it (Actual Title Buttons) ... to more effectively manage and access information within the business in and among a variety of files. It's a nice program, I like it a lot! Very neatly executed.
David Brett June 30, 2003 Actual Window Manager This utility has enabled a great increase in both accuracy of data extracted from the images and greater speed in Corel Draw.
Richard Lawson June 18, 2003 Actual Window Manager Window shading and Iconify to System Tray Web Browsers, Instant Messengers, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer!
James Gerbert May 1, 2003 Actual Title Buttons Now with the Stay Always-on-Top button, I can make those Outlook notes stay in view without having to squash up the main window I am working with.
Michael Snyder April 22, 2003 Actual Window Manager Customize HTML Help windows, IrfanView image viewer and many other programs!
Kyle Rich March 5, 2003 Actual Window Manager Customize Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader and Windows Paint for better results.