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Customize HTML Help windows, IrfanView image viewer and many other programs!

Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more. Review info:
Reviewer: Michael Snyder
Residence: Mount Shasta, CA
Published Date: April 22, 2003

Actual Window Manager:
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I use Actual Window Manager in different ways for different applications. I used to be constantly annoyed that HTML Help windows would not remember their size and position - now I know they will show up in exactly the size and position that I want.

Program to customize: IrfanView image viewer

I use the positioning and Stay Always-on-Top options for my image viewer (IrfanView) - I find it's faster to have an Explorer window in the background and double-click images than to use the image viewer's browser when I need to look at images in different folders or different drives (many of the images that I view are similar designs with slight variations, so thumbnail browsing is not useful).

Positioning is also good since some windows can become 'confused' and show up in the wrong place if I play a game that temporarily changes my screen resolution.

Program to customize: Help or Tutorial files

Use Roll up function a lot, mainly when I have help or tutorial files open while using an application. Since help files come in many formats (web pages, Windows Help, txt, etc) I set the titlebar double-click action for most applications to roll up. It makes it easy to quickly switch back and forth between help and the application without dealing with the taskbar. So Roll up seems to be the best when I am switching quickly between 2 documents.

Minimize to Screen option to switch between documents

Minimize To Screen is great when I have a lot of different types of documents and need to switch between them. I often have to compile information from different documents for websites, project bids, technical documentation, etc. It's my favorite option during phone conferences about projects.

Sorry for making this story so long, but I like to be thorough ;)

Michael Snyder,
Mount Shasta, CA