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Actual Tools is a software development company that has focused its efforts on bringing to life the alternative computer desktop concept. We offer a wide range of solutions and technologies to help our customers, large and small enterprises, increase their productivity and gain a competitive advantage by using our desktop enhancement applications.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Our Products
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How Can Your Business Benefit from Our Products

Our programs significantly increase users' efficiency and productivity as they become better concentrated on work and less obsessed with frustrating manipulations with multiple windows. Improved user efficiency multiplied by all company employees gives the synergistic effect and results in the overall increase of company productivity.

Our bestselling title Actual Window Manager has become "a must" for a wide range of knowledge workers from program developers and system administrators to market researchers and managers who regularly work with several applications at a time. Here's what one of our clients says about our software:

"Here at Pepsi Headquarters I work in 7 programs at one time all through the day. The days of minimizing windows to the task bar and flipping from program window to program window are OVER thanks to your wonderful software! My day will flow much easier now that I have this."

Diana Genario,
FSV Coordinator and Payment Services
Southern CA, Tennessee, Atlanta, & Carolina's
Pepsi - One Pepsi Way, Somers, NY 10589

Actual Window Manager could be a survival kit for employees who make too many errors while working with several applications. Automating most routine processes, this program enables users to avoid errors in their work and improve their PC operating efficiencies to the maximum.

"We use the Actual Tools software to hide some background programs in an industrial control station. When those programs are visible in the task bar some operators close them by error. This is much more unlikely when the programs are reduced to the icon tray."

Erhard Fasse,
Alstom Power Conversation


What You Buy

Our flagship product is Actual Window Manager which offers users a powerful toolkit of various alternative window controls and over 50 other handy options to improve standard window navigating system and simplify you work in Windows. Thanks to our alternative controls an average system becomes more flexible and native to human perception as Actual Window Manager makes computer operating habits more real-life.

Today users can take advantage of the following functionality:

  • "Stay on Top" option allows users to put any selected window on top of all the others to always see its contents. For instance, you can accelerate you calculations by putting Windows Calculator on top of all other applications so that you don't have to hunt for it on the taskbar.
  • "Minimize to Tray" option helps to solve the so-called taskbar window clutter problem by minimizing less urgent applications to the system tray to run in the background. For example, you can minimize Outlook Express to the system tray to free taskbar space for more urgent applications. Outlook runs in the background and you can occasionally restore it to check mail.
  • "Set Window's Size and Position" allows users to automate application launch process so that applications "know" their exact window position and window size at startup. With this option you can automatically restore the usual layout of application windows without manually resizing them and placing on the desktop at every startup.

Learn more details about other 50 handy functions and their uses here:


Volume Discounts

We offer discounts for clients who buy several program licenses. Below, you can find the Discount Table on our flagship product Actual Window Manager.

Number of copies Price per copy
total cost
total cost
Save* Order
*Compared with single copy pricing


Discounts for Educational or Governmental Institutions

Also, we are glad to offer special prices for representatives of any academic or state entities. Please, contact our Sales Department to get your personal quote.


Respected Customers

There is a wide variety of different enterprises worldwide - industrial, medical, governmental, social, trading, entertaining - that already benefited from using the Actual Tools software in their daily business operations.

Here is the list of our most famous and respected customers:

NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Agence spatiale canadienne (Canadian Space Agency)Agence spatiale canadienne (Canadian Space Agency)

General Electric HealthcareGeneral Electric Healthcare

Intel CorporationIntel Corporation

Symantec CorporationSymantec Corporation

Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin

Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless

Deutsche Telekom AGDeutsche Telekom AG

Royal Bank of CanadaRoyal Bank of Canada

Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank)Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank)

First Federal Savings Bank, KentuckyFirst Federal Savings Bank, Kentucky

Southwest Gas CorporationSouthwest Gas Corporation

Waukesha County GovernmentWaukesha County Government

L-3 CommunicationsL-3 Communications

Environment Canada - Science and Technology BranchEnvironment Canada - Science and Technology Branch

Medtronic, Inc.Medtronic, Inc.

Doylestown HealthDoylestown Health

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AGMaschinenfabrik Rieter AG

Midwest Family Mutual Insurance CompanyMidwest Family Mutual Insurance Company

McDermott InternationalMcDermott International, Inc.

Games WorkshopGames Workshop Ltd.

Military Flying Training in Canada (Bombardier Inc.)Military Flying Training in Canada (Bombardier Inc.)

NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd.NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd.

FujiFilm AustraliaFujiFilm Australia

Eurocopter Training ServicesEurocopter Training Services

Cito Benelux GroupCito Benelux Group

DreamWorks AnimationDreamWorks Animation



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