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Actual File Folders will help you speed up the navigation through Windows folders - it adds two new buttons to a title bar of standard “Open” / “Save As” dialogs and Explorer windows: Recent Folders button shows the list of shortcuts to folders visited recently and Favorite Folders button show the list of shortcuts added by a user to the folders he/she uses most. With these new buttons, you will be able to access the wanted folders in two clicks! Read more.


Current Version

IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download current version of product_name affsetup.exe 7.75 Mb June 20, 2017 1.11.0 Self-extracting installation file


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Please follow the steps listed below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Execute the downloaded installation file (for instance affsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the setup instructions displayed on your screen.


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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download Actual Tools documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF). ActualToolsUserManual.pdf 5.6 Mb March 31, 2016 8.8.0 Documentation in PDF format


Archive of previous versions


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download aff1102.exeaff1102.exe7.76 MbMarch 28, 20171.10.2Self-extracting installation file
Download aff1101.exeaff1101.exe7.76 MbFebruary 20, 20171.10.1Self-extracting installation file
Download aff1100.exeaff1100.exe7.72 MbDecember 30, 20161.10.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff19.exeaff19.exe7.62 MbJuly 22, 20161.9.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff182.exeaff182.exe7.63 MbMay 6, 20161.8.2Self-extracting installation file
Download aff18.exeaff18.exe7.61 MbMarch 31, 20161.8.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff17.exeaff17.exe7.64 MbFebruary 4, 20161.7.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff161.exeaff161.exe7.61 MbNovember 20, 20151.6.1Self-extracting installation file
Download aff16.exeaff16.exe7.61 MbOctober 6, 20151.6.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff153.exeaff153.exe7.6 MbSeptember 19, 20151.5.3Self-extracting installation file
Download aff152.exeaff152.exe7.59 MbSeptember 9, 20151.5.2Self-extracting installation file
Download aff151.exeaff151.exe7.59 MbAugust 26, 20151.5.1Self-extracting installation file
Download aff15.exeaff15.exe7.52 MbJuly 30, 20151.5.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff14.exeaff14.exe7.51 MbMay 27, 20151.4.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff13.exeaff13.exe7.5 MbApril 16, 20151.3.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff122.exeaff122.exe7.24 MbNovember 1, 20141.2.2Self-extracting installation file
Download aff121.exeaff121.exe7.24 MbOctober 24, 20141.2.1Self-extracting installation file
Download aff12.exeaff12.exe7.23 MbSeptember 22, 20141.2.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff114.exeaff114.exe7.24 MbApril 10, 20141.1.4Self-extracting installation file
Download aff113.exeaff113.exe7.24 MbMarch 21, 20141.1.3Self-extracting installation file
Download aff112.exeaff112.exe7.24 MbMarch 5, 20141.1.2Self-extracting installation file
Download aff111.exeaff111.exe7.22 MbFebruary 1, 20141.1.1Self-extracting installation file
Download aff11.exeaff11.exe7.2 MbJanuary 23, 20141.1.0Self-extracting installation file
Download aff101.exeaff101.exe7.15 MbSeptember 14, 20131.0.1Self-extracting installation file