Actual Virtual Desktops 8.14.4

Get an Activity-Focused Workspace!

  • Get as many desktop space as you need
  • Organize your workspace by tasks
  • Customize each Virtual Desktop
  • Easy switch via Virtual Desktops
  • Your productivity can be increased several times!

Download Actual Virtual Desktops

Actual Virtual Desktops extends the standard window manager of the Windows® operating system with the virtual desktops facility. Running Actual Virtual Desktops, you will be able to create as many virtual desktops as you need, assign custom wallpaper to a certain virtual desktop, assign custom hotkey to a certain virtual desktop for its quick activation, and much more! Read more.


Current Version

IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download current version of product_name avdsetup.exe 8.06 Mb October 10, 2020 8.14.4 Self-extracting installation file


How to Install

Please follow the steps listed below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Execute the downloaded installation file (for instance avdsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the setup instructions displayed on your screen.


Registration Benefits

Please read our purchasing information.



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download Actual Tools documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF). ActualToolsUserManual.pdf 5.9 Mb June 4, 2019 8.14 Documentation in PDF format


Archive of previous versions


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download avd8143.exeavd8143.exe8.1 MbDecember 27, 20198.14.3Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8142.exeavd8142.exe8.1 MbOctober 29, 20198.14.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8141.exeavd8141.exe8.1 MbJuly 10, 20198.14.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8140.exeavd8140.exe8.1 MbMay 15, 20198.14.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8133.exeavd8133.exe8.1 MbNovember 29, 20188.13.3Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8132.exeavd8132.exe8.09 MbOctober 12, 20188.13.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8131.exeavd8131.exe8.08 MbSeptember 27, 20188.13.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8130.exeavd8130.exe8.07 MbAugust 22, 20188.13.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8122.exeavd8122.exe8.06 MbMay 22, 20188.12.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8121.exeavd8121.exe8.05 MbApril 21, 20188.12.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8120.exeavd8120.exe8.05 MbMarch 3, 20188.12.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8112.exeavd8112.exe8.01 MbSeptember 28, 20178.11.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8111.exeavd8111.exe7.98 MbJuly 27, 20178.11.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8110.exeavd8110.exe7.98 MbJune 21, 20178.11.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8102.exeavd8102.exe8 MbMarch 28, 20178.10.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8101.exeavd8101.exe8.03 MbFebruary 20, 20178.10.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd8100.exeavd8100.exe7.96 MbDecember 30, 20168.10.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd89.exeavd89.exe7.85 MbJuly 22, 20168.9.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd882.exeavd882.exe7.98 MbMay 6, 20168.8.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd88.exeavd88.exe7.96 MbMarch 31, 20168.8.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd87.exeavd87.exe7.99 MbFebruary 4, 20168.7.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd861.exeavd861.exe7.96 MbNovember 20, 20158.6.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd86.exeavd86.exe7.96 MbOctober 6, 20158.6.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd853.exeavd853.exe7.94 MbSeptember 19, 20158.5.3Self-extracting installation file
Download avd851.exeavd851.exe7.92 MbSeptember 5, 20158.5.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd85.exeavd85.exe7.91 MbAugust 26, 20158.5.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd84.exeavd84.exe7.84 MbMay 27, 20158.4.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd83.exeavd83.exe7.83 MbApril 16, 20158.3.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd822.exeavd822.exe7.53 MbNovember 1, 20148.2.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd821.exeavd821.exe7.53 MbOctober 24, 20148.2.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd82.exeavd82.exe7.52 MbSeptember 22, 20148.2.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd814.exeavd814.exe7.47 MbApril 10, 20148.1.4Self-extracting installation file
Download avd813.exeavd813.exe7.47 MbMarch 21, 20148.1.3Self-extracting installation file
Download avd812.exeavd812.exe7.47 MbMarch 5, 20148.1.2Self-extracting installation file
Download avd811.exeavd811.exe7.44 MbFebruary 1, 20148.1.1Self-extracting installation file
Download avd81.exeavd81.exe7.42 MbJanuary 23, 20148.1.0Self-extracting installation file
Download avd803.exeavd803.exe7.42 MbSeptember 14, 20138.0.3Self-extracting installation file



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download avd451.exeavd451.exe7.22 MbApril 13, 20134.5.1Self-extracting installation file



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download avd322.exeavd322.exe3.07 MbNovember 23, 20113.2.2Self-extracting installation file



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download avd25.exeavd25.exe2.88 MbFebruary 11, 20112.5.0Self-extracting installation file



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download avd12.exeavd12.exe2.36 MbApril 8, 20091.2.0Self-extracting installation file