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I found the functions of TweakWindow useful, but Actual Window Manager has additional lovely features that I may find useful on my slate Tablet PC.

Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more. Review info:
Reviewer: Patrick S. Lewis
Published Date: August 27, 2007

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I don't mind taking a second for some quick feedback...

Which functions in our program Actual Window Manager do you use most?

To be honest, I haven't really used it much yet at all - I have previously experimented with a program called TweakWindow to pin, roll and transparent windows on my computers. I found the functions useful, but Actual Window Manager has additional lovely features that I may find useful on my slate Tablet PC, so I decided to buy it for that.

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Window Manager?

I'll use it with pretty much everything - very small screen and no hardware keyboard on my slate tablet, so the Pin to desktop and Roll Up functions will help manage multi-tasking. The transparency on the TabTip keyboard is the killer application, though (if it works correctly - the auto TabTip isn't popping up on my Tablet since I installed the program, but I have yet to dig into the options to try and resolve this).

What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Window Manager?

It may not even be possible, but it would be very cool if window titles reacted dynamically to the window buttons - window titles end up behind all of the added buttons very often on a smallish tablet screen. If the buttons "smart" faded a bit when text was behind them, it would somewhat alleviate that.

What interface improvements could help make our Actual Window Manager more usable?

So far, the only thing I've made note of is that it's extremely difficult to unghost a window when using a Tablet PC (i.e., no keyboard). Being able to right click on the taskbar and unselect "ghost" would seem to be an obvious fix, but this doesn't seem to work.

Where did you hear about Actual Window Manager?

I was searching Google for Tablet PC Utilities that would make using mine easier, and a glowing review for Actual Window Manager came up.
Patrick S. Lewis