Success Story of Klaas Dijkstra:

I use Actual Window Minimizer mainly to minimize my Email program.

Minimize to Tray or Minimize to Screen Edge any program you want and get more space and freedom! Review info:
Reviewer: Klaas Dijkstra
Residence: Netherlands
Published Date: September 16, 2005

Actual Window Minimizer:
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Which functions in our program Actual Window Minimizer do you use most?

Minimize to tray!

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Window Minimizer?

I use it mainly to minimize my e-mail program, Office applications.

What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Window Minimizer?

With what I have now I'm already satisfied!

Where did you hear about Actual Window Minimizer?

I was searching for Mozilla extensions but couldn't find a simple application/extension to minimize Thunderbird. Searched in Google and was very pleased to find your program. Tried it and it did exactly what I wanted.

It is definitely worth the money! Besides that my first impression of the program is that it looks and feels professional and intuitive.

Klaas Dijkstra,