Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Transparent Window, Actual Title Buttons, Actual Window Menu.

"Ghosting" a window means that any and all mouse clicks directed at the target window will bypass that window completely while still remaining subject to keyboard actions like hotkeys. While there is no difference in the appearance of a ghosted window, it remains untouchable by the mouse directly - although you still have mouse control over the window via its taskbar button: i.e., left-click to minimize/restore it and right-click to call up its window menu.

Hint  The Ghost action is useful when you want to monitor activity in some window which does not require user interaction, like Windows® Task Manager's Performance tab. Simply ghost such windows and they become dynamic image windows (like a TV screen) allowing you to work and move about the desktop freely without interference from them.

Related actions: Stay Always-On-Top, Make Transparent.

Possible triggers: Title Buttons, Window Menu, Hotkeys, Startup, Quick Window Settings.