Success Story of Diana Genario:

Minimizing all my pages to the task bar tray is key for saving pages and sites for reference later.

Add Minimize To Tray, Roll up\Unroll Window, Stay On Top and Make Transparent buttons to any window's title bar next to Minimize/Restore/Close. Review info:
Reviewer: Diana Genario
Residence: West Harrison, NY
Published Date: August 11, 2004

Actual Title Buttons:
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Both my home and work PC usage involves multiple numbers of windows being open at one time on my desktop. Here at Pepsi Headquarters I work in 7 programs at one time all through the day. The days of minimizing windows to the task bar and flipping from program window to program window are OVER thanks to your wonderful program, Actual Title Buttons!!! My day will flow much easier now that I have this.

Which functions in our program Actual Title Buttons do you use most?

When I'm actively working, I have to say that its a toss up between the Stay Always-on-Top and Make Transparent buttons.

When I'm not using my PC, when it's idle, I would be lost without the Roll up feature to hide all the windows. Also, the Minimize to Tray button is great for young prying eyes (younger brothers and sisters) when I'm at home surfing the Internet.

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Title Buttons?

ALL OF THEM! Business Applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, all the way done to IE pages while surfing the internet, minimizing all my pages to the task bar tray is key for saving pages and sites for reference later without bogging down the screen or having Internet pages build up on the bottom tool bar.

I use it with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, and pretty much any window on my screen.

Where did you hear about Actual Title Buttons?

I found it just surfing around. I first needed it because at home I utilize Yahoo Messenger frequently.

When I was in a public room and a friend sent a instant message the box would pop up, but as soon as I typed back in the main room it would minimize the instant message I received to the bottom tool bar. I would have to reopen each time. If more than one person sent an instant message, you could only have one open at a time. I was playing too much of the open and close game with screen windows and it made things complicated. I did a search on stopping windows from minimizing on Yahoo and I came across your site.

I bought Actual Title Buttons less then 24 hours later. As soon as I used the trial version of the program, within the 14 day trial I was hooked for life!

Diana Genario,
FSV Coordinator and Payment Services
Southern CA, Tennessee, Atlanta, & Carolina's
Pepsi - One Pepsi Way, Somers, NY 10589