Success Story of Mike Knight:

Actual Window Manager is great, i will use it a lot.

Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more. Review info:
Reviewer: Mike Knight
Residence: Southampton, United Kingdom
Published Date: December 5, 2005

Actual Window Manager:
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Which functions in our program Actual Window Manager do you use most?

Stay Always-on-Top 50% transparency and the Ghost mode

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Window Manager?

Notepad, BitTorrent, Download Accelerator, Textpad, Word 2003, MSN Messenger.

What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Window Manager?

Fullscreen mode (like Alt+Enter normally performs, this can be done already using 'stay on top' + draging the edge of a window to make it the same size as screen)

What interface improvements could help make our Actual Window Manager more usable?

Ghost mode: title button / menu button / shortcut key. New Fullscreen mode title button / menu button / shortcut key (Alt+Enter).

Where did you hear about Actual Window Manager?

I used to find a way to make any window stay on top. Entered search string: how to make any window stay on top... and your website was top result.

Your program is great, i will use it a lot.

Mike Knight,
Southampton, United Kingdom