How To Improve Your Work With Any Notepad

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Microsoft Windows Notepad or any other Notepad replacement is a simple text editor included with all versions of Microsoft Windows® since Windows 1.0 in 1985. Using it you can write, read or change small texts quickly, easily and without painful efforts. Independently of the fact whether you use standard Windows Notepad or some other Notepad replacement programs, you can significantly improve them by adding new functions of the product Actual Title Buttons.

Add Minimize To Tray, Roll up\Unroll Window, Stay On Top and Make Transparent buttons to any window

Actual Title Buttons will ease your life and further improve your Notepad experience. It consists of several tools.

Notepad Enhancement Tools

  1. Minimize Notepad to Tray

  2. Want to have a cup of coffee? Need some break but have no time to reload programs again? With Actual Title Buttons you can add new Minimize-to-Tray button Minimize Alternatively button, now you can reduce your Notepad either to the system tray or to any place on your screen. Click the application's icon which is now placed next to the clock and the window will be restored. Very convenient, isn't it? Now you don't have to minimize and restore Notepad window again and again.

    Minimize to Tray or Minimize to Screen Edge any program you want and get more space and freedom!

    Freeing up taskbar space is a wonderful idea especially when you don't have to close down your programs to do it. Reclaim your desktop and keep track of the important programs you work with all day long.

    You can also minimize Notepad into a small icon, which is placed on the screen. You can drag this icon anywhere on the screen and choose its position and size. If you then double-click it, the default action is to restore the normal window and remove the icon from the desktop/screen.

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  3. Keep Notepad on Top of Other Windows

  4. This function lets the window stay always on top of all the others. Your work won't be disturbed - who knows maybe today you'll have an inspiration? Just click on the Stay-on-Top button Stay Always-on-Top button. It is very helpful when you are concentrating on a project and want to avoid the distractions of other windows popping up on top of your active window.

    An editor from Lockergnome Chris Pirillo says,

    While writing this review, I am using the 'Stay-On-Top' command for Notepad, and during this time I have already received five instant messages. Why is this important? Normally these messages would pop up in front of Notepad and disrupt my work... but with Actual Title Buttons, I can keep typing without missing those 'important' instant messages. The only difference is that they aren't an annoyance now.

    It is also especially useful if you need to drag-n-drop something to your Notepad document.

    Another way we recommend to quickly insert some information into the Notepad document from any external source (Internet browser, message window etc.) is using Copy to Clipboard/Paste from Clipboard buttons: switch to a source window, select the desired information, click the CopyToClipboard button Copy to Clipboard button, switch back to Notepad, and click the PasteFromClipboard button Paste from Clipboard button. Using these buttons to operate with Windows® clipboard is far more quicker than using the commands of the same name in window's Edit main menu, especially when using such alternative input device as touch screen (for example, on Tablet PC).

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  5. Roll Up Notepad

  6. With the help of the Rollup button Roll Up button you will be able to minimize windows in such a way that only title bars remain visible.

    Roll up/unroll windows! Minimize them not to icons, but so only the title bars remain visible.

    But how can it help at work with Notepad?

    In case you are surfing the web and find some data you can include them into Notepad. Just click the Rollup button Roll Up (which then will change its icon to Unroll button) to move Notepad out of your way and when it is required again press the Unroll. A flash-like action. Ingenious and beneficial discovery at work. It's better than minimizing it to an icon in case you like to keep it in view!

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  7. Make Notepad Translucent

  8. This tool lets you apply transparency effect to Notepad in Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista thus creating a lot of possibilities (e.g., you can work and see your favorite awe-inspiring picture on the screen - an unsurpassed feature for amateurs of beauty).

    Make Notepad semi-transparent and see the beauty of your Windows wallpaper!

    The program seamlessly integrates into Windows® and functions totally transparently throughout the operating system and you can add these useful buttons to any program including Notepad and any Notepad replacement.

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    As you can see, Actual Title Buttons significantly ease and speed up your work as well as make it more aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't matter what kind of Notepad (standard Microsoft or any other) you use.

    Interested? Want to see how Actual Title Buttons works? Try it out - it is completely free. Actual Title Buttons is simple to learn and use, and we think you will want to keep it once you see what it does for you! We are sure you won't regret - because our clients admit Actual Title Buttons having become their favorite piece of software.

    Actual Title Buttons Useful Links

    See the following links that will be your guides in getting acquainted with Actual Title Buttons:

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    • Here you can find the information on how to create specific settings just for Notepad or any other window.

    Check out our articles. You can find other ways for using the features presented by Actual Title Buttons which are sure to make your work easier!