How to Set Up Dual Monitor Wallpapers Slideshow

  1. Introduction
  2. Step by Step
  3. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Desktop personalization has become very topical in recent times. One article told that the easiest way to personalize your desktop - is the selection of quality personalized wallpapers. However, much more interesting is self-changing dual screen wallpapers over a period of time. Today this feature is available only in two high-quality multi-monitor products – Actual Multiple Monitors and Display Fusion. However, Display Fusion can not generally be considered, because it is much worse than Actual Multiple Monitors on all other parameters(Comparison Table). So, let's look to wallpaper slide show feature of Actual Multiple Monitors step by step.


2. Step by Step

At first, after installation you should open the configuration menu and selects the tab 'background'.


Next, choose what wallpaper's type you will use – Single picture over entire desktop (Dual Screen Wallpaper) or single picture on each monitor. After that in 'background mode' section you should tick the Slide Show.


Next step should be add files for slide show. To add files click on the ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder’ and select a file or folder with the dual screen wallpapers (or simple wallpapers) accordingly.


Below you can choose a period of time in wallpapers will be changed, wallpaper' position and background' color (in the new beta version available ‘random play order’ feature for slide show).

dual monitor


And finally, we do the same things for the second monitor. Click on the picture of a second monitor and repeat all steps.


Click ‘Apply’ and enjoy the dual wallpapers slideshow.


4. Conclusion

We are working and developing our product every day, and if you have any specific suggestions please contact us. We strive to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable!