The Most Popular Resources to Download Dual Monitor Wallpapers

  1. Introduction
  2. How Can Actual Multiple Monitors Help You Personalize Your Desktop?
  3. Dual Monitor Wallpaper Resourses
  4. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Standard Windows 7 functional doesn't a possibility to stretch any wallpaper across both monitors. Moreover, you doesn't set a different wallpapers to dual monitors. These problems you can solve with 'Background Manager'' help, which included in the Actual Multiple Monitors. How you can do it? Read bottom. Also you will find some useful links where you can download dual monitor wallpapers to individualize your dual desktop.

2. How Can Actual Multiple Monitors Help You Personalize Your Desktop?

Actual Multiple Monitors has the advanced means to manage the desktop background. With this feature' help you can personalize your desktop with dual screen wallpaper or single wallpaper on each monitor. There are several ways to place a wallpaper on dual desktop:

  1. Single picture stretched out to the entire desktop
  2. Individual pictures on each display

To set dual screen wallpaper across desktops you need select 'Backgrous' tab and put the tick above 'Single picture over entire desktop', choose static or slideshow mode, choose a wallpaper. To set single wallpaper on each monitor select string 'Individual picture on each monitor', choose static or slideshow mode, and choose wallpapers.

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You can also set the wallpapers slideshow for each desktop (or dual screen wallpapers slideshow). Just put a tick before the point of 'slideshow' in 'background mode' section.

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With the help of the Actual Multiple Monitors, you can add the taskbar to second monitor, and make it semi-transparent on both monitors. In this case, on the second monitor will be available all of the Windows 7 features (Aero and Pin, for example). Thus you will have two completely different taskbar (with own Start button, Notification area, Pined buttons and etc). And accordingly Actual Multiple Monitors helps to individualize your dual desktop system.

3. Dual Screen Wallpaper Resources

So, among all Internet garbage, we can distinguish the following resources for users with dual monitors:

Be careful, these sites are “eating” a lot of traffic.

4. Conclusion

With the Actual Multiple Monitors help you get not only the desktop background manager but also the best dual monitor software.