Optimize Adobe Acrobat Reader By Means Of New Functional Buttons

  1. Introduction
  2. Make Adobe Acrobat Reader Transparent
  3. Keep Adobe Acrobat Reader Always on Top of Other Windows While Reading
  4. Minimize Adobe Acrobat Reader to Tray
  5. Resize Adobe Acrobat Reader to Most Usable Size
  6. Position Adobe Acrobat Reader to Most Preferable Place on the Desktop
  7. Roll Up Adobe Acrobat Reader
  8. Move Adobe Acrobat Reader to Next Monitor
  9. Conclusion
  10. Useful Links


Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that is used for reading full fiction and non-fiction novels, huge texts or overlooking some papers and the results of scientific researches in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) document.

However, if you constantly read books on your computer, you may find it useful to add a whole bag full of new delightful features to Adobe Acrobat Reader to spice up your reading experience! Check out our Actual Title Buttons, it is a terrific program and especially helpful for work with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Actual Title Buttons is a window navigation system which allows controlling windows' 'behavior' by means of both keystroke combinations and buttons placed near standard Microsoft® Minimize/Restore/Close ones. Actual Title Buttons allows you to add the new handy Minimize Alternatively, Stay Always-on-Top, Roll Up, Make Transparent and other additional buttons to Adobe Acrobat Reader’s title bar. And it also works with other programs as well!

Optimize Adobe Acrobat Reader: Add Stay Always-on-Top, Minimize to Tray, Make Transparent, Rollup, change program pririty and affinity etc. title buttons to make your work easier and more productive!

Below are given examples on how Actual Title Buttons can enhance your work with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Make Adobe Acrobat Reader Transparent

You can make Adobe Acrobat Reader transparent to enjoy awesome beauty of your favorite wallpaper at the desktop.

Add transparency effect to Acrobat Reader!
Click here to enlarge

  • Create specific settings for Adobe Acrobat Reader, enable the required Make Transparent title button and don't forget to save changes
  • Set a nice ambient and colorful desktop background
  • Disable desktop icons temporarily (Windows® XP and Vista users only)
  • Open your book in Adobe Acrobat Reader and maximize it (Ctrl-L) and fit to width (Ctrl-2)
  • Left-click the Make Transparent button Make Transparent button to apply 20% transparency or right-click it to adjust the custom transparency level in the related trackbar control
  • Now you can fully appreciate the real beauty of your desktop through your favourite book, opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader!

As our client Kyle Rich says:

This makes my readings as big as possible, and gives me the beauty of my very own desktop to enhance the mood.

GhostWindow button Ghost button can be especially effective when used together with the above mentioned Make Transparent function if you don't need the direct interaction with the document opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader and need it just for a reference. Ghost will bypass all mouse clicks directed at the Adobe Acrobat Reader completely, allowing you to work with underlying windows. You can Unghost Adobe Acrobat Reader using: a hotkey (Win+G, by default) or a keyboard shortcut for Cancel ghost mode action or taskbar button: i.e., left-click to minimize/restore it and right-click to call up its window menu.

Keep Adobe Acrobat Reader Always on Top of Other Windows While Reading

The Stay-on-Top button Stay Always-on-Top button puts Adobe Acrobat Reader on top of other windows in such a way that it is always accessible and couldn't be hidden by other windows. It is a great function when working with multiple windows open at once, particularly when you need to drag-n-drop some information from/to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you want to remain Acrobat Reader always visible (e.g. if you are working with Microsoft Word simultaneously) activate this nifty function. It will be of great benefit to you because there will be no necessity to spend time on switching between windows.

Minimize Adobe Acrobat Reader to Tray

If during reading Adobe Acrobat Reader documents you have ever met with a situation when some urgent and pressing affairs happen and you have to delay your work, you know how unpleasant it can be. You must come back to the document later but while looking for the place where you've stopped you lose your time. However, there is a way how to sort out this problem. It takes only several clicks of your mouse to minimize Adobe Acrobat Reader to the system tray:

Minimize Acrobat Reader to system tray
or to any place on your desktop:
Minimize Acrobat Reader on screen
using the Minimize-to-Tray button Minimize Alternatively button from a window title bar and when you finish with more important affairs click on the program's icon (that is placed near the clock) and continue reading.

Resize Adobe Acrobat Reader to Most Usable Size

If you need to change the current size of Adobe Acrobat Reader on-the-fly, just right-click the ResizeWindow button Resize button. You will get access to the wide range of predefined sizes.

Quickly resize Acrobat Reader to most usable size
Or you can specify the custom window dimensions yourself as circumstances require. For example, when you work with a document containing a wide table and need to resize the window horizontally, you choose the predefined size, which is marked as 100%x- in the context menu. Analogically, when you need to resize the window vertically, e.g. when you work with a long document, you choose -x100%. If you need to restore Adobe Acrobat Reader to its prevous size just left-click the button.

Position Adobe Acrobat Reader to Most Preferable Place on the Desktop

To position Adobe Acrobat Reader to the most convenient place on the desktop click the AlignWindow button Align button. It provides the automatic horizontal and vertical alignment of Adobe Acrobat Reader in nine predefined alignment modes (just right-click the button).

Quickly align Acrobat Reader within the desktop

Roll Up Adobe Acrobat Reader

The new Rollup button Roll Up button gives you the maximum in utility and ease! It lets you minimize Adobe Acrobat Reader in such a way that only its title bar remains visible.
Roll up Acrobat Reader to its title bar
This is better than minimizing it to an icon because you won't have to hunt for the windows you were using! Click the button to roll up Adobe Acrobat Reader, look up the information in another window, come back to the first one (simply click its Unroll button Unroll relative) and continue reading.

Move Adobe Acrobat Reader to Next Monitor

If you have several monitors connected to your computer the Move to Monitor tool be your mate. When you want to move Adobe Acrobat Reader from one screen to another, you can click on the MoveToMonitor button Move to Monitor title button and the window will move to the next monitor. In other words, if a window is displayed on Monitor 1, it moves to Monitor 2. No need to drag it manually!


Actual Title Buttons makes your work with Adobe Acrobat Reader and other applications extremely simple and convenient. The new buttons are as easy to use as the standard Windows® Minimize/Maximize/Close and they make Adobe Acrobat Reader more user-friendly, convenient and stylish. It is an ideal solution if you usually multitask in several applications.

Interested? Try it out, Actual Title Buttons is easy-to-use and very handy!

Useful Links

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  • Here you can find the information on how to create specific settings for Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other window

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