Classic Start Menu or Modified Metro Interface in Windows 8 with Actual Multiple Monitors

  1. Introduction
  2. How Can I Improve Start Menu?
  3. Conclusion



Several months have passed since Windows 8 has been released. Following results of online surveys, most people find the use of the new feature, called Metro Start Menu, inconvenient. However, a solution to this problem was found by developers from Sourceforge. And Actual Tools has integrated it into Actual Multiple Monitors.

2. How Can I Improve Start Menu?

The new advantage of Actual Multiple Monitors is the possibility to change the Metro interface. There are two ways to make the Windows 8 interface more friendly for users.

The first way allows you to change Metro Interface to the Classic Windows Start Menu. Moreover, you can set a desired skin for the start menu (Windows XP, Vista, or Seven).

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The second way allows you to decrease the area occupied by the Metro Start Menu. So, the Metro interface will occupy only a quarter of the desktop. This way is something like mixed version of the old and new Start Menu.

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Moreover, you can use all other features of Actual Multiple Monitors:

  • Fully-functional Taskbar.Actual Multiple Monitors taskbar is virtually identical to the standard Windows taskbar, and you can use it on each monitor.
  • Desktop Divider can split the desktop area into any number of adjacent non-intersecting zones as tiles. Each tile behaves like a small desktop within its own borders: if you maximize a window within the boundaries of the tile, the window will span the tile's area.
  • Desktop Mirroring allows creating mirrors of various objects (the area around the mouse pointer, a part of desktop, specified window/application/monitor) in a separate window.
  • Advanced Windows Control allows you to use a few additional title buttons and context menu commands for quick windows navigation.
  • And many more…

You can read about the major advantages of using Actual Multiple Monitors under Windows 8 OS in the article “Windows 8: Better Alternative to a Native Multi-Monitor Taskbar”.

3. Conclusion

We hope this article and Actual Multiple Monitors help you to work with мultiple мonitors under Windows OS the most convenient.