Actual Window Manager Now Supports Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Windows

  1. Introduction
  2. MDI Windows Support
  3. Conclusion



Often, we are faced with a problem when standard windows management is not enough. And to solve this issue, we use third-party software. But when we try to use different software, we are faced with a new problem: which one can help us to manage child windows (also called MDI windows)?

2. MDI Windows Support

We included many features from users’ feature requests in the new release of Actual Window Manager. And the long-awaited support of MDI windows was also released in version 8 of the Actual Window Manager software.

After the Actual Window Manager software is run, all MDI windows support almost all features provided by Actual Window Manager for standard windows. Thus, you can roll up a window, pin it on top, minimize it to the system tray, set priority and the transparency level, mirror it, and create specific setting for it, etc.

Note: to get the access to the context menu of an MDI window use the right double click.

Reference: Multiple Document Interface (MDI) windows are child windows included in the parent window. A striking example of MDI windows are the child windows of Microsoft Excel software (Microsoft Excel workbooks). Each MDI window can be managed individually by others, but it depends on the parent window and acts only in parent’s window borders.

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3. Conclusion

You can propose features that you consider Actual Window Manager should contain. To propose a feature, use the Feature Request page.