How to Quickly Switch Default Audio Device in Windows


Audio systems, monitors with built-in speakers, TVs, headphones - today many of us use all those devices with our computers for a particular purpose: someone is engaged in music making and constantly switch from headphones to monitors, someone connects his/her computer to a projector or a TV located in another room and need to stream sound there, etc. However, the process of switching default audio device is not so simple, and if you do it rather often, you will simply lose more time to perform routine steps.To solve this problem, we in Actual Tools have added Default Audio Device Switcher in our products Actual Multiple Monitors and Actual Window Manager. Using it, you can switch audio devices in one click.

Switch Windows Default Audio Device in One Click

To start using the Default Audio Device Switcher, you simply need to download and install either Actual Multiple Monitors or Actual Window Manager - the function becomes available immediately after installation and work in any version of Windows since Windows Vista.

To access the Default Audio Device Switcher, just press a simple key combination (Win-Ctrl-A by default, can be changed according to your preferences). In the opened menu you only need to sel ect the desired audio device to make it default – either using arrow keys and Enter or simply pressing the device number key.

Default Audio Device Context Menu


As any true professional knows, keeping seconds will save you hours. With this simple tool your work with multiple audio devices will be faster and smoother, making the entire process more efficient.

In addition, in Actual Window Manager and you will find a large number of other helpful tools that facilitate the work with Windows guarding you fr om a mass of many other routine operations.