How To Save Your Data From Unexpected Loss

Nowadays it is difficult to find people who have never worked with computers - relatively new but having already won recognition of both specialists and ordinary computer users, these intelligent machines give us a lot of possibilities: make difficult calculations, watch films, communicate with people all over the world...

However, one of the most wide-spread computer activities is searching for some information. A huge memory volume and powerfulness of computers, these modern miracles of technique, let us open several windows at a time that can cause some problems.

Closing a Window by Mistake

Just imagine the following situation. You are urged to find some information. The quickest way to do it is to surf the web. You have been searching for the information in the Internet for an hour and 5-6 Internet Explorer windows open now.

Hurrah! At last you've managed to find what you needed exactly and why not close other windows? Of course, absolutely accidentally you close the necessary one. The whole hour of tense work was lost and you are in low spirits now.

How to Save Data if You Close a Window by Mistake

You know that in some programs such as in Microsoft Word or Excel, computer always asks you if you want to save changes. In case you've made a mistake you just refuse to close the window and go on working.

Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSDN, Windows Media Player, Windows Explorer and Windows Messenger Conversation programs won't help you restore the necessary material.

'What to do?' - You ask.

We answer - 'Use our Actual Window Guard program!'

How It Works

The moment you are trying to close the window of Internet Explorer the mechanism preventing accidental close of windows becomes activated. The window asking if you are sure to close the application appears at the screen, so now you think whether to confirm your choice or not (Yes or No buttons).

Prevent Close Window Query Dialog

Only one second which lets you save the whole hour!

Easy to Apply

What should you do to achieve this result? Click the Prevent window's accidental close checkbox - Actual Window Guard will automatically remember this option and your attempts to close the certain window will be intercepted, independently on the way of your doing it (clicking the standard Windows Close button or pressing Alt-F4 hotkey).

Thanks to this extremely convenient feature you won't lose any information.

However, if you don't want to spend your time answering the simple question we have another variant of saving data. You can confirm the closing by right click. It is the case that we use right click not so often as the left one. That's why there is almost no one possibility that you close the data while working. Just click the Via Close button right-click checkbox and that's it! (Don't forget to save changes)

But that is not all! You can also prevent window's accidental close with the help of additional Ignore Close button left click function if you wish. Now all accidental left-clicks on the Close button will have no effect and you won't lose any data anymore.


We hope that our program will help you to work without nervous breakdowns and achieve great results. Actual Window Guard is precise, invisible and invaluable helper which will relieve you of doing the boring, redundant actions and will optimize your workspace. Try it out - it is simple to learn and use, and you'll be persuaded that it is a handy utility you can not live without!

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