Desired Software for the Mouse on Multi-Monitor PC

  1. Introduction
  2. Mouse on Multiple Monitors
  3. Conclusion



Every day we use a mouse to perform nearly every action when working with a PC. Often, the functionality of the mouse is limited by the OS of the PC, and especially so on dual or multiple monitors. To correct this disadvantage, Actual Multiple Monitors has added a few useful features to Windows OS for the mouse.

2. Mouse on Multiple Monitors

The Configuration Window of Actual Multiple Monitors for the mouse consists of three pages with features.

The first page is called Actions. In fact, it is a hotkey manager with the possibility of setting actions for mouse buttons. Here you can find actions such as Minimize to tray, Move to next monitor, Roll up, etc.

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The second page is called Drag and Scroll. This page contains the following features:

  1. Make the entire window area responsive to dragging/sizing
  2. Scroll inactive windows with the mouse wheel
  3. Drag the mouse to scroll windows (Hand Tool)

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The third page is called Multiple Monitors and contains features for improving mouse functionality on a multi-monitor PC. Here you can find the following features:

  1. Move mouse to next/ previous monitor
  2. Move mouse to primary monitor
  3. Highlight new mouse location
  4. Lock mouse in monitor
  5. Tight monitor boundaries
  6. Wrap the desktop

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3. Conclusion

Using Actual Multiple Monitors improves many aspects of work on multiple monitors, and not only the mouse. A major feature of Actual Multiple Monitors is the fully-functional multi-monitor taskbar.

Read Actual Multiple Monitors features page to find out more about all the capabilities of the software.