Maximize Windows When They Start

Automatically Maximize Internet Explorer, Outlook Express Or Any Other Window Upon Opening!

The most convenient way to work with Internet Explorer, Netscape or any other web browser, Outlook Express, Eudora or any other e-mail client is when they are maximized. Users prefer to have these programs start up fully maximized and ready to go. Unfortunately, when these programs start up, the open window may range fr om postage-stamp size to nearly filling the screen. Of course, clicking the standard Windows Maximize button widens that particular window, but the next time you open it, the same annoyance repeats.

Actual Tools produced its Actual Window Manager utility to eliminate this annoyance for you.

Actual Window Manager automatically maximizes on opening any window that you specify. This utility automatically maximizes just opened Internet Explorer, Outlook Express or any other window for your convenience.

Actual Window Manager can help you in other ways, too:

Auto- minimize or maximize certain programs on their startup, get rid of annoying pop-up windows, save and restore windows size and position, prevents accidental close of windows.

  • Automatically minimize certain programs upon startup.
  • Close unwanted windows automatically if you don't want to see them.
  • Bring a selected program window to the top of the desktop and keep it here.
  • Prevent accidental window closure.
  • and much more...

Check out our articles. You can find other ways for using the features presented by Actual Window Manager which are sure to make your work easier!