How To Keep System Dialogs Always-On-Top

Use Always Stay On Top title button for bring to top any system dialogs such as

While working with Windows®, you come across with various system dialogs, such as 'Add/Remove Programs', 'System Properties', 'Time/Date Properties' etc.

The main problem with these dialogs is that they are not visible in the taskbar.

So, if a system dialog appears to be covered by another window, finding it becomes quite a difficult task. This problem is especially common for the 'Add/Remove Programs' dialog: after uninstalling some program this dialog often appears to be hidden behind other windows.

The Stay Always-on-Top Stay-on-Top button button helps you solve these problems: you just click the Stay-on-Top button button in the window title bar, and the system dialog always stays on top of all other windows and none of them can obscure it.

The Stay Always-on-Top feature is especially useful with the following system dialogs:

  1. Add/Remove Programs
  2. Display Properties
  3. System Properties
  4. Time/Date Properties
  5. Accessibility Options
  6. Folder Options
  7. Internet Properties
  8. Mouse Properties

and with many more.

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