Minimize Programs Icons fr om Taskbar to Tray with the Actual Window Minimizer

  1. Introduction
  2. Hide icons with Actual Window Minimizer
  3. Conclusion



Today there is a problem of clattered the taskbar for people, who work with large amount of windows at the same time. To solve this problem many people resort to help of any software, which allows minimize any windows into the system tray. But if we deal with a really plenty of windows, soon the system tray turns into a bunch of icons, which occupy a huge space. Find among this the pile of garbage the desired window becomes very time consuming and nerve processes. That’s why we developed to you the Actual Window Minimizer, which allows hide all minimized window into the program itself. Let’s look to the Actual Window Minimizer.

Hide icons

No need to consider all existing functions. It's simple and clear. Consider only an advantage of our program, which distinguish it from many others, namely, the possibility to hide minimized windows into the program. Open the configuration window. There are a three blocks of different functions, but we are interested in only the third block 'option', specifically “tray icon option”.

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Put on the option “no icon”, press the save button. Ready. Now, minimize window into the system tray, you’ll not see it there. All minimized windows will be hiding into the program menu, not into the tray. Thus the taskbar and the system tray are free for the main tasks.

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So, recover any windows you can one of the following methods. The first. Click the left mouse button on the Actual Window Minimizer icon in the system tray and find the line “unhide” there. This point contains a list of all the minimized windows. Select the desired window and click the left mouse button or select the point “Unhide all” to recover all minimized windows. The second method involves the same steps, but the list of minimized windows is appears by a combination of hot keys win + H.

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So, if in the workflow you deal with the large amount of windows, then the Actual Window Minimizer – your choice. All that you need is hide secondary windows into the Actual Window Minimizer menu, while the taskbar and the system tray use for a main tasks. Make your work easy and pleasant, avoid the stress and enjoy. And remember, that contented man – healthy man.