Organizing Standalone Kiosk Access to Intranet with Actual Window Manager

  1. Introduction
  2. Complications of Kiosk Access organization
  3. How can Actual Window Manager help control windows as it's needed?
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Intranet is a general term for a corporate local network that is built using the same tools as for the Internet: Internet protocol (TCP/IP and its subsets - HTTP, FTP, etc.) used as a basic network carrier, organization of work on the basis of web applications and, as a result, the use of common Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Opera) to execute production-related tasks.

Standalone kiosk access, or simply kiosk access, is a long-standing approach to providing Intranet access to field staff in the workplace. The kiosk is typically a standalone computer terminal about 4-5 feet tall with a hard outer case and a touch screen or a keyboard and tracking ball. Usually, the kiosk executes a limited set of tasks at high speed (for example, answering inquiries fr om corporate clients by phone).

Complications of Kiosk Access Organization

Intranet kiosk access has its peculiarities. Although designed for a specific purpose, kiosk terminals work in a usual corporate network and require standard software, such as Windows® operating system and any Internet browser. The browser is typically programmed to open particular web pages, so that the field worker can access any required information of a corporate web application.

The limited set of tasks executed on kiosk terminals and their relative simplicity let owners employ the personnel without high qualification to operate such terminals. Because such workers have no deep knowledge of computers and IT technologies, it is necessary to limit standard windows behaviors to a pre-defined set of open windows in order to eliminate accidental manipulations, such as those when a worker minimizes a window, closes it, or the window is moved away fr om the visible area. Such manipulations may be so severe that an unqualified worker will not be able to restore the working environment himself, and it will lead to workplace downtime for long hours and will have a negative effect on the speed and quality of servicing customers.

How Can Actual Window Manager Help Control Windows As It's Needed?

Actual Window Manager will help you overcome the complications associated with the Intranet kiosk access.

Firstly, there is a unique ability to create specific settings for windows with a particular title. From the point of view of ordinary users, the browser windows used to access the Intranet differ only in their title. This is why this opportunity is essential in placing the browser windows with live web pages in a specific order.

Secondly, the program has the Remove Standard Window Parts feature. It allows you to remove standard window management controls in a window, such as Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons (so the user will be unable to accidentally minimize/maximize/close a window), resizable window frame (so the user can't change window size), window caption (so the user can't accidentally drag a window by mouse), etc. Once the standard management controls are removed, you can fix the window on the desktop in a pre-defined position and eliminate the opportunity to move it, minimize it, change its size, and close it accidentally. As a result, the workspace remains steady, stable and reliable.

Thirdly, the Restrict Window Placement feature allows you to lim it the placement of a window on the desktop. It provides an ability to specify the area of allowed placement on the desktop and then automatically will detect when the window tries to go beyond the borders of this area, either when being moved over the desktop or being resized. With this feature's options, you will have windows behave the way you exactly want.

So, please, download Actual Window Manager and make sure yourself that its combined functionality is vitally important when organizing the Intranet access on kiosk terminals!

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