Add/Remove Standard Window Parts

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Window Guard.

The Add/Remove Standard Window Parts action allows you extending or limiting standard window manipulations with a particular window by adding or removing its standard window controls:

Standard Controls Scheme

  1. Minimize title button - without it you can't minimize window
  2. Maximize/Restore title button - without it you can't expand window over the desktop
  3. Resizeable frame - without it you can't resize window in any way
  4. Title bar icon and Close title button - these controls can be added/removed only together; without them you can't close window and can't call its system window menu
  5. Border (including the title bar) - without title bar you can't drag or resize window by mouse; removing a border increases window's useful area expanding its contents to current window dimensions

Hint  You can use Align and/or Resize actions to pre-define window placement and then use this action to forbid this placement from further accidental or unwanted changes.

Related actions: Minimize Alternatively (AltMin), Align, Resize, Pin to Desktop.

Possible triggers: Startup.