Recent Folders & Favorite Folders - New Title Buttons for Convenient Work

  1. Introduction
  2. New Title Buttons for Convenient Work
    1. Recent Folders
    2. Favorite Folders
  3. Conclusion



The Windows OS was built on dialog windows. Every time you need to open or save a file, for example, Windows opens the dialog window. We are faced with these windows every day, at work or home when using a PC. The most inconvenient disadvantage of the dialog window is the manual selection of the folder where you want to save a file, especially when working with a large amount of files and directories. But the solution already exists – Actual Window Manager.

2. New Title Buttons for Convenient Work

Actual Window Manager 7.2 got two additional title buttons: Recent Folders and Favorite Folders. These buttons are available only in Windows Explorer and open\save dialog windows.

2.1. Recent Folders

The first button is called Recent Folders. You’ll see the list of a few last opened folders when clicking this button. It allows you to open the desired folder very quickly; making it is very convenient when working with the same type of files.

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When you open or save the file via the dialog window it is placed to the list of Recent Folders. You can add a folder to the Recent Folder button only this way.

2.2. Favorite Folders

The second button is called Favorite Folders. You’ll get quick access to any folders saved earlier with help of this button. Click on the Favorite Folders button and select ‘Add current folder to favorite’ to save the current folder to Favorites. Now you can open desired folder very quickly with the Favorite Folders button.

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3. Conclusion

Improving a PC by making the Windows OS more convenient is the main purpose of Actual Window Manager. You can take part in the development of Actual Window Manager on the Future Request page.