Simplify Your Web Construction With Resize Window

Ugly looks don't sell

Developing a website? We know it doesn't come easy. Graphics, texts, hyperlinks and all... When the pilot variant is ready you have to examine how well it looks at different resolutions because what looks nice at 800x600 may look like a dysfunctional post-holocaust landscape with scraps of text and images scattered all around web pages. Your customer and visitors won't be pleased with this mess and that's for sure.

What it takes to make an ugly website look pretty

So, what do you do to make the website preserve good looks? Obviously you need to test it at different resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768 and further. This check process may become rather tiresome and even irritating because to change the screen resolution, you will have to ramble through several windows and menus. And you will follow this path dozens of times. Besides, you'll have to modify the website layout plus rearrange desktop icons, folders so that everything looks spick and span as it was before changing resolution and all this goes on and on.

Fastest and easiest way to give good looks to your website

Want to turn this monotonous cycle into a one-click affair? Then, Resize Window control is the way to go. Resize Window belongs to the family of 40 unconventional window navigation controls, all coming in our top-selling Actual Window Manager pack. This control will help you to resize any window in a flash. Simply click on the ResizeWindow button Resize button on the window title bar and the current window will take the preset size.

Resize window by selecting one of the predefined window resolutions

Right click on the same button and you will access the drop-down list of predefined window sizes including 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 100%m x 100%m, 100%m x 50%m, 50%m x 100%m, 50%m x 50%m, -x 100%m, 100%m x - etc. For example, when you have a window containing a wide table and need to resize the window horizontally, you should choose the predefined size, which is marked as 100%x- in the context menu. Analogically, when you need to resize the window vertically, e.g. when you receive a long message, you should choose -x100%. Or you can even input the custom size and see the resulting window.

Resize window: Custom window size

What benefits you get

Basically what you do with the Resize button will be the same as what you do when you change the screen resolution using the standard Windows® method. However, you do it on-the-go without running through multiple menus. Besides, you don't damage the icon layout on the desktop. You work faster and can quicker get your website into shape. And it's not only about websites. You may use this tool in preparing articles or books for publication in the Web or developing your own programs.

What people say

Here is what Bill Friedrich, a software programmer, says about the Resize window control:

'I'm a developer and I try to develop all my products so that the windows look good at different resolutions. My problem was that my development environment is 1280x1024, so I needed to manually resize windows at runtime to see how they would look at different resolutions. In the past I used to draw little markings on my desktop background image to indicate the 800x600 and 1024x768 positions. Then I could manually resize them by using the markings as guides. Now, instead, your program makes it a one-click affair - very nice!'

What actually we offer?

Resize action comes as a part of Actual Windows Manager which so far has been named the best desktop enhancement suite ever. The program offers over more than 40 unique tools for improving the look and feel of your Windows® system. You will be able to make any window transparent, put it on top of other windows, roll up or unroll it, minimize any application to tray, automatically position any window on the desktop etc.

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