For now, all Actual Tools programs' features can be divided into the following large blocks:

Window Settings - provides advanced abilities to manipulate windows in various ways (both automatic and manual).
Multiple Monitors Extensions - enhances common Windows user interface for multiple display environments.
Virtual Desktops - extends general window management with the ability to group windows within virtual desktops.
Desktop Divider - allows arranging windows within customizable layouts of non-intersecting tiles.
File Folders Extensions - speeds up the navigation through folders.
Clipboard Extensions - provides the smarter use of Windows Clipboard.
Logon Screen Background Extension - allows to change a picture displayed on a primary monitor and run custom slideshows on secondary monitors of Logon/Lock system screen.

Important note! This section's material describes the totality of features fully available in Actual Window Manager only. Other Actual Tools products contain the limited set of features so please while reading the particular feature's description turn your attention to the list of products where this feature is available. If no such list is provided then it means the feature is available everywhere.

You can use this section as feature reference for Actual Tools programs.