File Folders Extensions

While windows are the basic element used to present the information, files and folders are the basic element used to store and organize the information. Everyday you make numerous operations with files and folders: creating, opening, saving, modifying, copying, renaming, moving, and deleting.

Although with each new version Windows develops speed and easiness of such operations to further heights, there still remain some things that can be done better. Actual Tools programs offer the following tools specially designed to speed up the navigation through folders:

  • Favorite Folders - a list of shortcuts to the most frequently used folders. This list is maintained manually by the user.

  • Recent Folders - a list of shortcuts to the recently visited folders. This list is maintained automatically by the Actual Tools program.

Both tools are available in the following file-related windows:

  • Windows Explorer folder windows

  • Open, Save As and Browse for Folder system dialogs

  • Open and Save As dialogs in the Microsoft Office applications, since Office XP/2003

  • Directory Opus lister windows

  • Total Commander lister windows

Also, there is an extension that was the most popular request on the Windows Uservoice website (the official Microsoft tool to collect feedback from the Windows users) - tabs in Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, this request still remains unfulfilled in the plain Windows interface (even in the latest Windows 10 updates) but the Actual Tools programs come to rescue again.