Tabbed Explorer

Available in: Actual Window Manager.

As its name implies, Tabbed Explorer feature adds tabs to vanilla system Windows Explorer (also known as File Explorer since Windows 10) and make it look and work as any modern web browser.

Tabs in Windows Explorer
Figure 1. Tabs in Windows Explorer

After its activation, you will be able to group folder windows within compact tabbed containers and therefore organize your file operations better.

The way it looks and works is similar to modern web browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:

  • you can open a new tab by clicking the Plus button

  • you can drag tabs within a container window to change their order

  • you can drag a tab out of a container to create another container

  • you can close a tab by clicking its Close button or by middle click on its caption

  • you can close the entire container so all its tabs will also be closed

Also, you can use the following tab control hotkeys similar to web browsers:

<Ctrl+T>- open a new tab
<Ctrl+N> - open a new container window with a new tab
<Ctrl+Tab> - activate next tab
<Shift+Ctrl+Tab>- activate previous tab
<Ctrl+1..8> - activate 1st..8th tab
<Ctrl+9> - activate the last tab
<Ctrl+F4> - close an active tab

Tabbed Explorer interoperates well with other file folder extensions, like Favorite Folders or Recent Folders.