Desktop Divider

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

The Desktop Divider facility allows sub-dividing either the entire large desktop or each monitor in a multi-monitor system into several adjacent non-intersecting areas - tiles. Each tile then can be filled with a window: just begin to drag it - and you will see the grid indicating the current tile layout. Drag the window to any border of the desired tile - and the window will span the tile's area.

Such approach makes utilizing the screen real estate in a most efficient and ergonomic manner: arranging the windows within the tiles will cover the entire visible area with no gaps and overlaps, thus letting you observe all windows easily at a glimpse. In some sense, Desktop Divider provides benefits similar to Windows 8 Modern UI but you can get those benefits on any OS and with any application.

Windows arranged within the Desktop Divider tiles
Windows arranged within the Desktop Divider tiles
(yellow lines highlight the boundaries of the current layout tiles)

Desktop Divider allows you to do the following:

  • create a layout with various number of tiles of different sizes

  • create as many layouts with various tile configurations as you need

  • assign a custom hotkey combination to a certain layout to activate it instantly

  • switch between layouts using the Desktop context menu

  • switch between layouts by scrolling the mouse wheel either while dragging a window or over tile selector

  • put a window into a certain tile of the current layout

  • stretch a window over several adjacent tiles of the current layout

To get advantage of the Desktop Divider, take a look at the following tutorials: