How to Put a Window into a Desktop Divider Tile

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Multiple Monitors.

Via dragging by the title bar

  • Begin to drag a window by its title bar.

  • The grid appears indicating the current tile layout. Also, there is a frame indicating the current tile (i.e. that one which the mouse pointer is in).

  • Drag the window into the required tile so that the mouse pointer touches the frame (any side) in that tile.

  • The frame turns into a solid rectangle showing you the proposed size of the window.

  • Release the left mouse button to put the window into the current tile.


Via Put into Divider Tile title button

  • Left-click this button to put the window into the nearest tile. You can make several clicks in a row to cycle through tiles on the current monitor.

  • Right-click this button to select the desired tile in the opened Put into tile selector window (left-click the tile to select and put the window into it).


Via Put into... window menu command

  1. Right-click the window's title bar to open the context menu.

  2. Click to the Put into... item to open the Put into tile selector window.

  3. Left-click the desired tile to select.


Via special hotkeys



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