Actual Window Manager 6.3 - Great tool for Windows 7 users

  1. Introduction
  2. Actual Window Manager
    1. Actual Multiple Monitors
    2. Actual Window Minimizer
    3. Actual Title Buttons + Actual Window Menu
    4. Actual Windows Guard
    5. Actual Virtual Desktops
  3. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Windows 7 – the most popular operating system. Millions of users in the world use it every day at home or office. Functionality of Windows 7 greatly exceeds latest versions, but for most users it's still not enough. First of all, the problem of support multiple monitors hasn’t been solving. Tasks' grouping relieves the taskbar, but does not fully-solves the problem of littering it when users work with large amount of windows. The interface becomes more beautiful, but this is not enough to users and they have resorting to using third-party software. So we represent your attention the Actual Window Manager.

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2. Actual Window Manager

2.1. Actual Multiple Monitors

It is the Best multiple monitor software (comparison of multiple monitor software). It contains many features, which help multiple monitor’ users to manage their multiple monitors system. General features:

  1. Unique taskbar for all connecting monitors. It fully supports all features of primary Windows 7’ taskbar and includes self ‘Start’ button (unique), System Tray (unique), Toolbars (unique), ‘Show Desktop’ button (unique),clock and tasks only for a current desktop.
  2. Task-Switcher on all displays (unique)
  3. Wallpaper Background management (including wallpaper’ slideshow) and Screensaver management.
  4. Advanced multi-monitor management. Contain two additional buttons in title bar of any windows (move to monitor, maximize to desktop).
  5. New BETA 2 contain also following features: Mirroring (possibility to mirrors any part of desktop to another monitor), Custom hotkeys (possibility to change hotkeys for all standard actions) and other interesting features.

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2.2. Actual Window Minimizer

It is the product, which allows minimize to tray absolutely any window. It's helps get rid of heaps of windows in the taskbar, making easier work with a large amount of applications. General features:

  1. Minimize absolutely any window to the system tray with special button ‘minimize to tray’ in a title bar of all windows. (it allows clean the taskbar).
  2. Minimize absolutely any window to the Actual Window Minimizer’ menu (it allows clean the system tray).
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    2.3. Actual Title Buttons + Actual Window Menu

    The first product adds additional buttons to the title bar of all windows and the second product duplicates it to the context menu. General features:

    1. Transparency. It's allows you make ane window transparent (0 – 100%).
    2. Ghost allows make any windows nonreactive to the mouse pointer.
    3. Roll Up any windows to title bar.
    4. Always-on-top allows make any window always visible over all other windows.
    5. Resizing. Any window can be resize to most appropriate size (to pre-changed resolution) .
    6. Copy \ Paste.

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    2.4. Actual Windows Guard

    To keep your workspace in optimal condition Actual Window Manager includes Actual Window Guard. It allows you to organize windows and pre-set the coordinates where windows will start. General features:

    1. Minimize \ maximize windows on startup
    2. Align windows to one of nine position on desktop
    3. Blocking non relevant pop-up windows
    4. Make any window always-on-top
    5. Set a priority for any applications
    6. Prevent occasional closing of windows
    7. Pre-setting coordinates for any applications when it startup

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    2.5. Actual Virtual Desktops

    This package allows you create any number of virtual desktops. It’s very useful to get rid of large amount of windows just moving it to second (third, etc) virtual monitor.

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    3. Conclusion

    Buying Actual Window Manager means that you buy all Actual Tools products. Using the Actual Window Manager very simplify your workflow. Much different features are guarantees that every user will find this program very usefull.