Meet the New Slideshow Screen Saver for Multiple Monitors

  1. Introduction
  2. New Slideshow Screen Saver for Multiple Monitors
  3. Conclusion



Many users want to make their PC more individual. One of the most important elements of individualization is the Screen Saver. It becomes more important when using on multiple monitors. To create the individual photo screen saver, you need just the standard Windows tools. But for creation of the same screen savers on each monitor you need third-party software.

2. New Slideshow Screen Saver for Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors 4.1 allows creating Slideshow Screen Savers (with your images) for each monitor separately.

To create this special multi-monitor screen saver, open the Actual Multiple Monitors configuration window on the ‘Screen Saver’ tab and check the ‘Slide Show Screen Saver’ box. Then, select the desired monitor and add desired files or folders. Set the time interval for slides’ changing and set the picture’s position. You can also turn on the random play order of pictures.

User added an image

Repeat all these steps for all displays. Now you have the individual screen saver for your multiple monitor PC.

3. Conclusion

We hope the Slideshow Screen Saver will help you make your multi-monitor PC more individual and pleasant.