Actual Window Manager Helps Online Stock And Day Traders Work Effectively

  1. We know online trading is no game
  2. OS As a cause of stress and fatigue
  3. How online traders can benefit fr om Actual Window Manager
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We Know Online Trading Is No Game

Online trading is a hard job where success comes with a price. If you are a day trader, you know it is true. Whenever you are, you need to be hooked to your computer 24 hours a day, keep track of ever-changing quotations, and take quick and right decisions. A couple of minutes may literally cost you thousands of dollars. Stress, anxiety, loss of memory, sleeplessness and low sex drive - this is the price you pay for a long buck.

OS As a Cause of Stress and Fatigue

Life with too much stress can seriously damage your health and interfere with your ability to perform effectively at work. An avalanche of studies has proven that our business efficiency may be directly linked to our working environment. Stress may come fr om noise, untidiness, distractions, and even fr om your computer. Surprised? Here's what David Kuvelas, President of Gapping Stocks Us, says:

'I am a stock trader and I work with INET and ARCA plus various java charts, time and sales windows, scanning software, chat rooms that sit on top of other windows, mostly L2 trading software. So, it becomes a huge pain to have to bring those windows up every time you make a trade, or check one window or another in the background. Literally you can be bringing up 5-10 windows 100-200 times during the trading day. And that's really tiresome and frustrating.'

Yes, if you work with 8-10 applications, you are most likely to feel tired after an hour or two. The feeling of fatigue comes with too many disconcerting mouse clicks and the need to constantly switch between program windows. Soon, you find yourself nervously hunting for necessary applications rather than actually working with them. With the taskbar which is heavily cluttered with applications, you have high risks of making foolish errors such as closing a window by mistake. All this intensifies tension and stress.


A certain amount of stress may fade away if you organize your working environment well. And it is so simple if you have a desktop enhancer Actual Window Manager.

Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more.

This program is a complete solution for those who multitask in multiple applications simultaneously. You will be able to put any window on top of others, minimize it to virtually anywhere on the screen, make it semi-transparent, automatically resize and position it on the desktop and all this can be done in one click!

How Online Traders Can Benefit from Actual Window Manager

Below you can find some handy tips on how to improve your operations with windows and increase efficiency:

Tip #1: Keep Important Windows Always Visible

Day traders often work with several trading applications and need to have some of them always visible. With our Stay-on-Top button Stay Always-on-Top button you can put any number of windows on top of the others to always see their contents. You will no longer have to bring up each window 200 times a day.

Tip #2: Free the Desktop Space

In addition to the Stay Always-on-Top action, we recommend that you try the Rollup button Roll up action which will minimize any application window to its title bar just like blinds and then 'unroll' it back. With the Roll up control, you can free the desktop space from windows without cluttering the taskbar.

D. Meyers, a trader, wrote us:

'As traders, we are always looking for ways to increase the space on our monitors. Now instead of small windows or wasting time looking at groups on the taskbar I can just roll them up and stack them wh ere I want them and then open with full view if desired - a real time-saver'.

The full version of his success story is available here

Tip #3: Minimize Trading Applications to Tray

Traders can also minimize unnecessary applications to the system tray wh ere they are easy to find and restore. You will no longer have to hunt for the right application on the taskbar.

Moreover, using this feature will help you to free the taskbar thus saving space for more urgent programs. You can also minimize any application into a small icon, which is placed on the screen. You can drag this icon anywhere on the screen and choose its position and size. If you then double-click it, the default action is to restore the normal window and remove the icon from the desktop/screen.

Tip #4: Use Transparency Effect to Compare Stock Charts Quickly

It is very important for a trader to get full information and some times you need to follow information in different applications at once, when you need to observe several live charts, for example. You can not only slide one chart over another for comparison but look at tree layers at once and also you can save screen space by parking one live chart over on top of another and easily watch them both! That is why transparency effect is so important.

Kevin Wisner, a trader, has appreciated this feature of Actual Window Manager and wrote us:

'I'm a stock daytrader with four monitors, and many applications running: I currently use 70% transparency with ghosting to overlay one stock chart over another stock chart. This allows me access to the 'lower' stock chart while still viewing the transparent ghosted stock chart'.

Here you can read his success story.

Tip #5: Automatically Restore the Layout of Trading Windows

Another good thing for traders is that they can set the size and desktop position for any frequently-used trading application window so that at the next startup they can restore the layout automatically without wasting time on resizing and arranging windows by hand.


Actual Window Manager optimizes your operations with windows and gives more focus on work. We don't promise that the program will rid you from all stresses and tension at work. However we know for sure that you will feel more comfortable with it. The program has already helped tens of thousands of CEOs, managers, traders and people just like you. Do you want to follow their successful example?

Try Actual Window Manager right now - it is absolutely free! The entire package is yours to audition for 60 days on a no-risk basis. You must be fully convinced that Actual Window Manager helps simplify your work with trading applications.

Useful Links

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