How to Mirror any Window to a Desired Display on Dual Monitors in Windows 8

  1. Introduction
  2. Desktop Mirroring in Windows 8 with Actual Multiple Monitors
  3. Conclusion


There are cases when you need to reflect a window’s content from the primary monitor to a second monitor, but at the same time, another area of the desktop should not be reflected. Therefore, common Windows monitor cloning is not an appropriate solution for us, and even Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS does not provide the required functionality for this. To solve this problem, you can use the Mirroring feature of Actual Multiple Monitors software.

2. Desktop Mirroring in Windows 8 and Windows 10 with Actual Multiple Monitors

To create a mirror of the desired window, open the configuration window of Actual Multiple Monitors, and then follow to the Multiple Monitors -> Mirroring tab. Click the “Add New Item” button and select the created mirror. Now, check the box with the desired type of mirror. It may be a window, a monitor, or a part of the desktop. Set the desired window if you selected to mirror a window, desired monitor if you selected to mirror a monitor, or coordinates of the area if you selected a part of the desktop. Also, each mirror has several common settings, such as the update interval, hotkey combination to start the mirror, scale settings, etc.

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Moreover, there is fourth type of mirroring – the mouse. It is a dynamic mirror, which reflects the area around the mouse pointer. To activate it, follow to the Mouse tab under the Mirroring tab, check the “Mirror the Area around Mouse Pointer” box, and configure the desired settings.

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You can run any mirror in one of four ways:

  • Via additional title buttons, called Mirror.
  • Via a hotkey combination.
  • Via the window’s context menu.
  • Via the Actual Multiple Monitors system menu.

You can read about all Actual Multiple Monitors features provided for Windows 8 in the “Windows 8: Better Alternative to a Native Multi-Monitor Taskbar” article.

3. Conclusion

Do not miss out on the opportunity to make your dual monitor on Windows 8 more productive. Using Actual Multiple Monitors provides you with tools which allow you to solve almost all dual monitor tasks.