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Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more. Review info:
Reviewer: Laurel Gabriel
Published Date: August 28, 2007

Actual Window Minimizer:
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Which functions in our program Actual Window Minimizer do you use most?

To automatically minimize one program to system tray without affecting any other windows.

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Window Minimizer?

An old Windows 3.1 Calendar program (Organiser) that is clean, simple, graphically appealing and not a resource hog.

What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Window Minimizer?

Get rid of Manage Window Settings button appearing in all windows - have no buttons added to windows at all if desired.

What interface improvements could help make our Actual Window Minimizer more usable?

Make it an option to affect only the designated window/program - all others are automatically NOT affected. I thought I had it set up that way, but had some hinky stuff happen with a program's menus, until it finally occurred to me that it COULD be Actual Window Minimizer - which it was. So I had to go in and specifically exclude the program. My clients would likely not know how to do this, and it shouldn't be necessary.

Where did you hear about Actual Window Minimizer?

Online search for minimizing programs to the system tray. The 60-day free evaluation convinced me it would be worth trying - it gives sufficient time for any problems to crop up. I have also installed it on clients' computers.

In general I am very satisfied and will recommend it to others. Windows should actually have it allready by itself (but that will put you out of business...)

Laurel Gabriel