Title Buttons icon Title Buttons Property Sheet

Available in: Actual Window Manager, Actual Title Buttons.

The Title Buttons property sheet defines which extra buttons should be added to target window's title bar, and also allows adjusting some related options.

Title Buttons Property Sheet

Actions Available Via Title Buttons group - contains the action list and the Action Options group. Action list displays the set of items where each item represents a single title button and has a check box on the left allowing to enable/disable this title button so it will be, or will be not, displayed in target window's title bar
You can use the related toolbar to manage the action list:

  • Enable All icon Enable All button - click it to enable all actions at once

  • Disable All icon Disable All button - click it to disable all actions at once

  • Move Up icon Move Up button - click it to move the selected action one position up

  • Move Down icon Move Down button - click it to move the selected action one position down

  • Add icon Add button - click it to add a new custom action

  • Add Separator icon Add Separator button - click it to add a separator to tell apart the groups of buttons

  • Delete icon Delete button - click it to delete the selected custom action or separator

The Name list column displays the action name and the Status list column displays the current state of action parameters, if present. To adjust desired action's parameters, select it in the list and in the Action Options group below you will see some extra controls allowing to change action parameters (if action has no configurable parameters then you will see the No extra options note).

The following predefined actions can be selected to execute via extra title buttons (also you can add your own buttons with custom properties, including the Combo button, using the toolbar):

Options group - allows adjusting the Title Buttons trigger options. Currently the following options are available:

  • Shift the buttons horizontally spin edit lets you adjust the default placement of extra buttons in target window's title bar relatively to standard ones. Although Actual Tools programs try to detect the number of standard buttons (and an appropriate shift value) automatically, in some rare cases (e.g. a particular application has its own additional buttons) it may be useful to set this value manually. The shift value can be a positive integer (shift to the left), a negative integer (shift to the right) or zero (automatic placement).

    Use negative shift values with care, because an incorrect value may result in overlapping the standard title buttons, so you won't be able to use them! In general, use the Shift the buttons horizontally option only if you encounter a problem with the automatic placement, otherwise it's better to leave this option unchanged.

  • Shift the buttons vertically spin edit lets you adjust the default placement of extra buttons in target window's title bar relatively to target window's top edge. So, when this option is enabled the extra buttons will be placed exactly at the top edge (zero pixels shift). Adjusting the shift value to a positive integer will shift the buttons down (inside the window boundaries) and the negative value will shift the buttons up (outside of the window boundaries).

  • Show the grouping button check box - mark it to display the Unused Buttons title button in target window's title bar.

  • Compact view check box - mark it to hide all the extra buttons and display the small special button instead of them. Clicking this button will show/hide the extra buttons as a popup toolbar. This option can be useful if there is little place or some other extra controls in the target window's title bar so that the extra buttons do not fit it or cover those controls.

  • Office 2007 style check box - mark it to use the special skin for target window's title buttons instead of the general one. This skin is visually compatible with the new style of title bar look introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 program suite. For now, there is no reliable method to automatically detect that certain window has the Office 2007 style so that you should use this option to force manually the native Office 2007 look of title buttons in particular window. In the related combo box you can select one of pre-defined styles: blue, silver or black.