Success Story of Richard Ozenbaugh:

Actual Window Manager is perfect the way it is

Actual Window Manager is 6 tools in 1: transparency effect, minimize to tray and much more. Review info:
Reviewer: Richard Ozenbaught
Residence: Germany
Published Date: August 4, 2007

Actual Window Manager:
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Which functions in our program Actual Window Manager do you use most?

Placing programs in task tray – to save start bar real estate, play around with transparency feature – because it looks so cool.

With which applications on your PC do you use Actual Window Manager?

I am a software developer and system admin for our service bureau – I have many apps running at the same time – Java development, Microsoft Dev tools, Microsoft Office and terminal session windows.

What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Window Manager?

None that I can think of – it’s perfect the way it is.

What interface improvements could help make our Actual Window Manager more usable?

Ditto #3

Where did you hear about Actual Window Manager?

Google search

All in all thanks for your interesting software!

Richard Ozenbaught,