Winamp Skins: Make Winamp and Winamp Skins Transparent with Actual Transparent Window

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Winamp (Windows Advanced Media Player) media player is probably the best and most popular of the many media players you can find out there. Winamp is the leading high fidelity music player for Windows´┐Ż that plays MP3s, MP2s, WAVs, VOCs and MIDIs and many other audio formats. It also supports attractive skins and handy plugins. It is clear why Winamp is so popular.

However if you are constanly listen music in Winamp and work with other windows at the same time you may find it useful to apply the transparency effect to your favorite media player to spice up Winamp user interface! Check out our Actual Transparent Window that will help you in solving this task.

Make Winamp Transparent

Actual Transparent Window will make Winamp even handier and more appealing than it already is. It will create a transparency effect for Winamp player in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10, ranging fr om 0% (opaque) to 100% (invisible). And you can make semi-transparent the basic Winamp skin or other optional Winamp skins!

Make transparent all Winamp skins with Actual Tools programs Combine transparent skin with other skins for Winamp 2.x, Winamp 3.x and Winamp 5.x!
The transparency effect cannot be applied to some skins and to displaying video. Actual Transparent Window uses the transparency effect available in standard drawing mechanisms Windows provides for general windows, whereas skinned Winamp and video players use other specific mechanisms (usually DirectX functions). Therefore such windows are not 'general' in their nature, and that's why the standard transparency effect is incompatible with such windows and produces unexpected results when being applied.

You can use Actual Transparent Window to view an application window beneath Winamp by applying transparency effect. This will help you by immediately showing you what windows are open and where they are. The transparency effect also makes for a unique and very attractive appearing desktop.

Make transparent any Winamp skin with Actual Transparent Window Actual Transparent Window is the best transparent skin for Winamp 2.x, Winamp 3.x and Winamp 5.x!

With Actual Transparent Window you can give each window in Winamp a greater or smaller transparency effect! For example, you can set the transparency rate to be more or less opaque in play list, equalizer, or the main Winamp window!

All you need is to create specific settings to the required Winamp window, defining the following properties in the Target Window Pane:

- For the main Winamp window:

Target Window settings for the Winamp main window

- For the Playlist window:

Target Window settings for the Playlist window

- For the Equalizer window:

Target Window settings for the Equalizer window

Actual Transparent Window can offer you many ways, both automatic and manual, to use the transparency effect:

All transparency settings available in Actual Transparent Window

  • Make Winamp Transparent Automatically
    Actual Transparent Window lets you set individual transparency rates automatically for different Winamp windows states:
  • Make Winamp Transparent Manually
    Also Actual Transparent Window provides some manual methods of choosing the desired transparency for a particular window: Note that having either the title button or window menu option enabled allows you toggling the transparency with the hotkey (Win-T, provided by default).
  • Transparency Options
    And there are some transparency-related options you may find useful. They are called add-ins which means that those options are applied automatically whenever Winamp becomes transparent:
    • Stay always-on-top - Winamp won't be covered by other windows even when it becomes inactive
    • Ghost - in this case all mouse clicks directed at the transparent Winamp window will bypass that window completely while still remaining subject to keyboard actions like hotkeys

So, it is very easy to switch the transparency effect on, and this feature is very handy.

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Actual Transparent Window is a terrific add-on accessory for Winamp, it makes it even more pleasurable and user-friendly! But it doesn't stop with Winamp.

Actual Transparent Window lets you add its handy and attractive transparency effect to any window, for example Windows Taskbar, any Instant Messenger, Start menu and nearly all applications!

Interested? Try it out, Actual Transparent Windowis easy-to-use and very handy!

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Actual Transparent Window Useful Links

See the following links that will be your guides in getting acquainted with Actual Transparent Window:

  • Actual Transparent Window Home - the official page wh ere you can download or order the risk-free version and read what other users say about Actual Transparent Window.
  • Here you can find the information on how to create specific settings for Winamp or any other window.

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