Users of AccountEdge 2013 choose Dual Monitors with Actual Multiple Monitors Software

  1. Introduction
  2. How Actual Multiple Monitors Can Help Accountants With Dual Monitor
    1. Placement
    2. Benefits of Using Actual Multiple Monitors With Dual Monitors
  3. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Using in work dual monitor greatly increases productivity. This is especially important for such areas as accounting, which requires great concentration and work with a lot of information simultaneously. According to statistics about 50% of accounting firms are already using dual monitors. For accountants developed huge number of different software. The most popular among commercial software are Accountant Edge 2013 and Peachtree. However, work on dual monitors not supported these programs, so you have to do everything manually.

2. How Actual Multiple Monitors Can Help Accountants With Dual Monitor

2.1. Placement

Using dual monitors you can place any objects on the desktop as it is convenient. For example, placing a window of the Accountant Edge 2013 on the primary monitor and Microsoft Excel or other necessary applications on the secondary one.


So you can place on dual monitors different windows of the one program or maximize the window on both monitors. Account Edge 2013 can be located on two monitors as the user wants.


2.2. Benefits of Using Actual Multiple Monitors With Dual Monitors

Using the Actual Multiple Monitors you get first of all opportunity to use a full-featured taskbar on all of the monitors. It allows you to Group windows, Pin to taskbar, to have access to the System Tray and Start menu, Clock and Toolbars on the current monitor, without the need to turn every time to the primary taskbar.

Such feature as the Actual Multiple Monitors taskbar allows you to use all the advantages of the interface of Windows 7 on all secondary monitors, not only on the primary. Thus, you can create different combinations of interface for the specific user needs or for specific tasks. That means you can Pin on each taskbar different windows and applications. Each taskbar includes only those tasks that are on the current monitor. Each taskbar has its own set of toolbars. Each taskbar contains the common system tray and the common Start menu. Each monitor displays Task Switcher. Aero features work on each monitor and only for the current monitor (with the mouse pointer) and etc.

Also, there is a feature called Desktop Divider, which allows you to split the large desktop to several areas for placing windows. It is very convenient when working with a large amount of windows. You can learn more about this feature in the article 'Split the Windows Desltop'.

In addition, with the Actual Multiple Monitors help user can customize the look of desktop. Background management feature allows customizing wallpapers. The same wallpaper on each monitor, different wallpapers on each monitor, one wallpaper over entire desktop (users can set wallpapers slideshow for these variants of Background Management) With Screensaver Management help users can customize screensaver for each monitor individually, or set a screensaver over entire desktop.

There are 2 buttons on title bar of all windows to help you navigate between the screens. Maximize to desktop - maximize any window to all visible area (i.e. on desktop across all monitors) and then Move to (next) monitor (if you have dual monitor) or Move to monitor (number #) (if you have triple monitor or more).

3. Conclusion

Technology is constantly evolving and penetrates more deeply into various spheres of human activity, such as accounting, legal work, design, trade, etc. Today actively-developing dual monitors are penetrating into all these spheres of human activity. Thus it greatly improving the quality of these areas. Thanks to dual monitor and the best multiple monitor software users can increase performance, improve quality of their work, reduce the likelihood of stress, etc. Thanks to the technological development becomes easier to work and rest for people.