How to Keep Size and Position of Windows Explorer Folders

  1. Keep size and position of any window
  2. Our example: My Computer folder

Are You a Neat Person and Like to Keep Everything in Order?

Even if you're not, we can bet that you would prefer to work with computer where all important articles, data or materials are placed in order so you can easily find them.

If you often use such folders as My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places etc., if you want to open them where you indicate, our program Actual Window Manager is made for you. You can set position and size of any folder's window. Like a genie, Actual Window Manager will remember your wish and carry out it properly.

Now when you click My Computer or My Documents you'll be sure where exactly the window will appear.

Actual Window Manager presents a perfect list of 40 handy functions you can no longer live without. You will be able to see the selected window while working with another application simultaneously (Stay Always-on-Top), prevent accidental close of windows, automatically maximize or minimize windows upon startup, minimize them to tray, etc.

Keep Size and Position of Any Window

After installation you should indicate Actual Window Manager what windows and where you want to place. You must do it once and then Actual Window Manager will assume concern about your desktop's order no matter how many times a day - 1, 5, 10 or 100 you'll open the windows.

Our Example: My Computer Folder

We offer you a special instruction how to use the program on a base of the folder My Computer. Set your tunings easily and quickly, using the instruction as a sample. You can apply necessary parameters to such standard folders as My Documents, My Network Places and even to Recycle Bin as well as to all your own folders.

  1. Open the configuration module of Actual Window Manager. There is a screenshot with a list of preliminary tunings:

    Actual Window Manager Configuration Window

  2. For our window My Computer we must create a specific window rule, that's why we choose the command Add a new rule to the current list from Main Menu/Toolbar.
  3. As we tune the folder My Computer, let's give our settings the same name - My Computer.
  4. To show Actual Window Manager that we want to apply these tunings we do the following:
    1. Open My Computer.
    2. Click on the crosshair Window Finder Cursor. Holding the button, drag it to the headline of the window My Computer.
    3. Release the button and you'll see all data about the selected program or folder filled in the Target Window Panel:

      Target Window Settings for My Computer

    4. Check Window Caption and uncheck Window Class.
  5. Choose the Size property sheet and write down the necessary size at the At startup to checkbox
  6. Choose the Position property sheet and define the necessary position at the Align at startup to checkbox
  7. Click on a diskette and save the tunings.

We showed you how to use the program on the example of folders. However, you can do the same operations with almost all applications. The results are impressive - you spend only several seconds on creating the window rule to achieve the desired results.

You save your time - no more tedious tunings every time you open programs. You've done it once - and enjoy the results always.

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