Easy Way to Minimize Windows to the System Tray or to the Desktop

  1. Introduction
  2. Minimization Title Button
  3. Minimization Settings
  4. Conclusion


Very often, our desktops are overwhelmed with windows that are not being actively used, but you do not want to close them, either. They take up all available space on the taskbar, and complicate navigation between required windows. This problem can be very annoying, but there is a simple way to make your work easy.

2. Minimization Title Button

Actual Window Manager offers you an improved windows minimizer. This feature allows you to minimize any window to the system tray or to the desktop in one click. Let us look to this feature in more detail.

First of all, open the configuration window of Actual Window Manager and follow to the Window Settings -> Default Settings -> Title Button tab. Find and check the “Alt Min” box, then set the desired parameters:

  1. Minimization mode. Tray is minimization to the system tray, Screen is the minimization to the desktop.
  2. Tray Icon Options. Toggle adds the icon of a minimized window to the notification area, No Icon does not adds the window icon.
  3. Screen Icon Options. Icon minimizes the window to the desktop as a small icon, Thumbnail as a small window preview.

Now you have the new minimization title button. If you click this button with the left mouse button, the window will be minimized according to preset settings. If you click this button with the right mouse button, you will see the menu with different ways of minimization.

3. Minimization Settings

Moreover, you can use several other minimization settings. Open the configuration window of Actual Window Manager and follow to the Window Settings -> Default Settings -> Minimizing tab.

Check the “After Deactivation” box to minimize windows automatically after deactivation.

You can minimize the window by clicking the close title button. Check the “Via Close Button Click” box to apply this setting.

The Options section has the same settings as the Alt Min title button, but affects only the standard minimization title button. This means you can use all features of Actual Window Manager minimization via the standard minimization title button.

4. Conclusion

If you use the Actual Window Manager Minimization feature, you can work more productively with a large number of windows at the same time. Moreover, Actual Window Manager has over 50 other useful features to improve your Windows OS..