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Multiple Monitors – Complete Solution for Customer-oriented Activities

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution
    1. Multiple Monitors
    2. Virtual Desktops
  3. Conclusion


1. Introduction

There is a problem of providing to clients necessary information on a monitor in client-oriented spheres of activity. Often employees forced to show necessary information to customers on his working monitors. At-first, it’s very uncomfortable. At-second, a client can see the information not dedicated for him. It may be a corporative information, personal data of employees or another customer. The only way to solve this problem is equipment of workplaces with dual monitors, when the secondary monitor focused to clients.

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2. Solution

Dual Monitor is ideal solution for work with customers. But to using dual monitors in work with maximum efficiency need not only wish and skill but also additional software. The optimal solution will be using Virtual Desktop management software and Multiple Monitors management with Desktop Mirror feature. All necessary features are contains in Actual Window Manager.

Used configuration: two monitors in desktop extended mode with four additional virtual desktops.

2.1 Multiple Monitors

Initially set up dual monitors. Open the tab Multiple Monitors -> Taskbar and disable taskbar for secondary monitor.

dual monitor


Next, open the tab ‘Mirroring’ and create one desktop mirror called ‘Customer’s Display’, for example. Configure this mirror to display secondary monitor. Set scale parameter of mirrored window and place it on the primary display so that did not hurt the work (in this case 1/5 of actual size).

dual monitor


Create any numbers of additional mirrors if it necessary. If information for customers and your working program is one window, for example. This mirror will display a whole window or selected part of desktop with necessary information.

dual monitor


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2.2 Virtual Desktops

Now, create necessary virtual desktops. Open Actual Window Manger on the tab ‘Virtual Desktops’ and select ‘Classic Mode’ for using virtual desktops extended across both monitors and create three new desktops.

dual monitor


First Desktop – Company Logo. This desktop using with no clients. On primary monitor employee can work as normal but on secondary (client) monitor will stay Company Logo.

Second Desktop – Ad Reel. It the same as the first desktop, but for displaying corporative video of company offers or another advertising video.

Third Desktop – Working Desktop. It is general desktop for work with clients. Primary monitor displays all necessary information for employee. It may be special programs, additional tools and etc. and also the customers display mirror. Client monitor displays information for clients. For example, company site with information about tours or tickets.

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3. Conclusion

Actual Window Manager allows to use the above scheme in almost client service spheres of activity.

Thanks to rich functionality Actual Window Manager can using in any other using-computer activity. Home or work has no value.

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