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Download Actual Window Menu

Actual Window Menu adds several menu items to standard window menu accessible via application icon in the title bar. Among them: roll Up \ unroll window, set transparency, minimize to task tray and always keep window on top. Read more.


Current Version

IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download current version of product_name asmsetup.exe 7.40 Mb September 22, 2014 8.2 Self-extracting installation file


How to Install

Please follow the steps listed below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Execute the downloaded installation file (for instance asmsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the setup instructions displayed on your screen.


Registration Benefits

Please read our purchasing information.



IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download Actual Tools documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF). ActualToolsUserManual.pdf 4.18 Mb November 22, 2012 7.3 Documentation in PDF format


Archive of previous versions


IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm814.exeasm814.exe7.37 MbApril 10, 20148.1.4Self-extracting installation file
Download asm813.exeasm813.exe7.37 MbMarch 21, 20148.1.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm812.exeasm812.exe7.37 MbMarch 5, 20148.1.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm811.exeasm811.exe7.34 MbFebruary 1, 20148.1.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm81.exeasm81.exe7.33 MbJanuary 23, 20148.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm803.exeasm803.exe7.3 MbSeptember 14, 20138.0.3Self-extracting installation file
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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm751.exeasm751.exe7.08 MbApril 13, 20137.5.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm75.exeasm75.exe7.08 MbMarch 26, 20137.5Self-extracting installation file
Download asm743.exeasm743.exe6 MbFebruary 19, 20137.4.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm742.exeasm742.exe6 MbFebruary 8, 20137.4.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm741.exeasm741.exe5.75 MbDecember 31, 20127.4.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm74.exeasm74.exe5.75 MbDecember 19, 20127.4Self-extracting installation file
Download asm73.exeasm73.exe5.74 MbNovember 22, 20127.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm72.exeasm72.exe5.61 MbAugust 16, 20127.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm71.exeasm71.exe5.38 MbJuly 12, 20127.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm70.exeasm70.exe4.22 MbMarch 14, 20127.0Self-extracting installation file
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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm672.exeasm672.exe4.19 MbNovember 23, 20116.7.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm671.exeasm671.exe4.19 MbNovember 12, 20116.7.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm67.exeasm67.exe4.15 MbOctober 22, 20116.7Self-extracting installation file
Download asm66.exeasm66.exe4.13 MbAugust 11, 20116.6Self-extracting installation file
Download asm651.exeasm651.exe4.04 MbJuly 12, 20116.5.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm65.exeasm65.exe4.04 MbMay 28, 20116.5Self-extracting installation file
Download asm64.exeasm64.exe3.97 MbFebruary 11, 20116.4Self-extracting installation file
Download asm63.exeasm63.exe3.84 MbNovember 23, 20106.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm62.exeasm62.exe3.78 MbAugust 5, 20106.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm61.exeasm61.exe3.62 MbJune 3, 20106.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm60.exeasm60.exe3.54 MbFebruary 12, 20106.0Self-extracting installation file
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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm54.exeasm54.exe3.55 MbAugust 6, 20095.4Self-extracting installation file
Download asm53.exeasm53.exe3.6 MbMarch 31, 20095.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm52.exeasm52.exe3.68 MbOctober 14, 20085.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm51.exeasm51.exe4.1 MbJune 23, 20085.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm50.exeasm50.exe3.87 MbJanuary 16, 20085.0Self-extracting installation file
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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm45.exeasm45.exe3.12 MbJune 20, 20074.5Self-extracting installation file
Download asm44.exeasm44.exe3.45 MbApril 16, 20074.4Self-extracting installation file
Download asm43.exeasm43.exe3.31 MbDecember 15, 20064.3Self-extracting installation file
Download asm42.exeasm42.exe3.33 MbOctober 10, 20064.2Self-extracting installation file
Download asm41.exeasm41.exe3.28 MbAugust 1, 20064.1Self-extracting installation file
Download asm40.exeasm40.exe2.51 MbMay 5, 20064.0Self-extracting installation file
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IconFile nameSizeDateVersionDescription
Download asm38.exeasm38.exe1.65 MbSeptember 23, 20053.8Self-extracting installation file
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