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Thank you very much for trying our product! We are sure that it will be helpful for you for a long time! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your convenience and safety. Make your purchase without any risk! You will receive the registration code via e-mail immediately upon purchase to remove the trial period limitation.

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Actual Window Manager icon Actual Window Manager 29.95 USD
Order now and save 164.60!
Actual File Folders icon Actual File Folders 19.95 USD
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Actual Multiple Monitors icon Actual Multiple Monitors 24.95 USD
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Actual Window Menu icon Actual Window Menu 19.95 USD
Order now!
Actual Title Buttons icon Actual Title Buttons 19.95 USD
Order now!
Actual Transparent Window icon Actual Transparent Window 19.95 USD
Order now!
Actual Virtual Desktops icon Actual Virtual Desktops 19.95 USD
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Actual Window Guard icon Actual Window Guard 29.95 USD
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Actual Window Minimizer icon Actual Window Minimizer 19.95 USD
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Actual Window Rollup icon Actual Window Rollup 19.95 USD
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