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Actual Tools
Actual Tools

Hello, John Smith.

I´m glad to inform you that we have released the new version 7.3 of our main line of products and the new version 4.3 of Actual Virtual Desktops and Actual Multiple Monitors.

Issue contents:


New Features Comparison Chart

Below is the comparison chart of features implemented in this version. This chart shows only the most noticeable features; to view the full list of changes made in each product, click the product's icon.

Feature Available in
Windows 8 RTM support + + + + + + + + +
Files and Folders Options Page           +      
Windows 8 Start Screen Parameters +         +      
Pin/Unpin items in the Actual Taskbar's Jump Lists +         +      
Preview Thumbnail when Minimizing to Screen   +       + + +  
Maximize to Desktop Divider Tile Mouse Action +         +      
Disable Desktop Divider Specific Settings Option +         +      
Highlight New Mouse Location Option +         +      
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Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • Favorite Folders and Recent Folders title buttons are now available in:

    • WordPerfect file dialogs

    • Directory Opus lister windows (please note that the Lister title bar option in the "Preferences - Display Options" must be set to Show the full folder path to enable the proper tracking of recent folders)

    • Total Commander windows (please note that the Show command line option in the "Configuration - Layout" must be enabled to make the title buttons compatible with Total Commander)

  • Now, when you minimize a window to a screen icon, and the screen icon is not permanent or does not have saved position - the window will follow the icon if you move it somewhere on the screen. For example, minimize a window to screen icon via AltMin title button, then drag the icon to another place and restore the window - it will be restored so the mouse pointer is on the AltMin title button again (thus, you can quickly minimize the window again).

  • Compatibility with the following programs is improved: Logitech SetPoint, WordPerfect 12, SmartDraw 12, HTML-Kit Tools.

  • Multi-monitor Taskbar now is compatible with Start Menu X and Classic Shell Start Menu.

  • Now the Recent Folders and Favorite Folders lists can be invoked via grouping button's context menu (i.e. when the title buttons of the same name are disabled).

  • Start button in Actual Taskbar now looks correct in higher screen DPIs on Windows Vista and higher.

  • The order of monitors used in the Move to Monitor feature now is the same as in the system.

  • The Move to monitor selector dialog now displays the system monitor numbers.

  • Desktop Divider now reacts on temporary deactivation even if the window is not moving.

  • When you left-click the Put into Divider Tile title button, the mouse pointer now follows this button so that you can quickly put the window into a desired tile by simply making several consecutive clicks, without moving the mouse.

  • The Minimize-to-Screen icons now react on drag-n-drop attempts: they restore the minimized window so that you can drop there the dragged item.

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How to Upgrade

  1. Download and install the new version of your Actual Tools product.

  2. Open its Configuration window.

  3. Go to the Tools - License panel and click the Upgrade button (a new web browser window should open displaying the Actual Tools Upgrade Center).

  4. Follow the instructions of the Upgrade Center.

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Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev
Actual Tools

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