Virtual Desktops

As a multi-tasking OS, Windows allows the running of multiple programs simultaneously. As a result, you have a few windows open at any time. However, when working with lots of applications, your desktop can easily become overcrowded. Actual Window Manager will help you resolve this problem. You can allocate and classify all of your windows by moving them to virtual desktops. Virtual Desktops provides a 'virtual' space as if you have several logical monitors instead of a single physical one. You can extend the workspace and move a window from virtual desktop 1 to virtual desktop 2 etc. (the actual number of virtual desktops is not limited!). Actual Window Manager optimizes work with several tasks and you have quick access to all launched applications, thus reducing the single-desktop clutter. It usually helps when working with one monitor, but in today's world, even with multiple monitors, you may not have enough space on one desktop with lots of windows and applications.

Actual Window Manager supports multiple monitors in two modes - classic and independent. In Classic mode, the entire desktop area of all monitors is one desktop. However, in the Independent mode, each display has own virtual desktops.

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Classic mode


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Independent mode

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Classic Virtual Desktops Mode

Virtual Desktops on Each Monitor