Actual Window Manager 8.13.3

Total Windows® Facelift!

  • More than 50 desktop management tools
  • Automation of routine window manipulations
  • Virtual Desktops facility
  • Must-have software for multi-monitor setups
  • Your productivity can be increased several times!

 Actual Window Manager is Compatible with Windows® 7 Actual Window Manager is Certified for Windows® 8/8.1 Actual Window Manager is Compatible with Windows® 10

Additional Title Buttons

Actual Window Manager adds new buttons to the window title bar, which look and work like standard Windows buttons.

Additional title buttons perform various functions:

  • Minimize to system tray
  • Stay on top
  • Roll up
  • Resize a window
  • Make transparent
  • And much more...

Moreover, Actual Window Manager expands the Windows system menu. Click the right mouse button at the top of the window to change the window settings.

"How to" Manuals

How to use the "Move to Monitor" button