Actual Window Manager 8.13.3

Total Windows® Facelift!

  • More than 50 desktop management tools
  • Automation of routine window manipulations
  • Virtual Desktops facility
  • Must-have software for multi-monitor setups
  • Your productivity can be increased several times!

 Actual Window Manager is Compatible with Windows® 7 Actual Window Manager is Certified for Windows® 8/8.1 Actual Window Manager is Compatible with Windows® 10

Individual Settings for Each Window

You can easily set your options for any window or application individually and save them. It allows to configure your windows exactly as you like.

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If you often use such folders as My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places etc., and you want to open them where you indicate, our Actual Window Manager program is made for you. You can set the position and size of any folder's window. Like magic, Actual Window Manager will remember your wish and implement it properly. Now when you click My Computer or My Documents, you will be sure where the window will appear exactly.

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"How to" Manuals

Creating specific settings via the Configuration Window

Creating specific settings via the Context Menu

Moving specified window to the monitor with mouse pointer at startup

Moving all windows to the specified monitor at startup