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Greetings, John Smith!

I am glad to inform you that we have released the new version 6.1 of our main line of products, and the new version 2.2 of Actual Virtual Desktops and Actual Multiple Monitors products.

Here are the contents of this issue:


New Features Comparison Chart

Below is the comparison chart of features implemented in this version. Place the mouse pointer over feature's name to see its short description or click on feature's name to get more information on it in our Online User Manual.

This chart shows only the most noticeable features; to view the full list of changes made in each product, click the product's icon.

Feature Available in
Windows 7 Pin, Peek, Show Desktop on secondary taskbars +         +      
Multi-monitor wallpaper slideshow +         +      
Maximize to Desktop title button + +       +      
Maximize to Desktop window menu command + +       + +    
Ability to close a window by clicking its title bar   +       + +    
Ability to manage window settings from the Log window + + + + + + + + +
Quick display management +         +      
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Fixes and Improvements

Working with Administrative Tools under Vista/7

Since Windows Vista, administrative applications, like Regedit or Computer Management, run with special elevated privileges which, from one side, allow them modifying system settings, from the other side, prohibit any access to them from common 3rd party applications. That's why our programs were unable to handle windows of administrative applications as usual.

In this version, the problem has been successfully solved: now Actual Tools programs can embed their functions into system utilities under Vista/7 as well. To enable this feature, mark the Support administrative tools check box during the new version's installation.

There is a one simple condition: you must install the program into a trusted location (e.g. Program Files folder); otherwise, this feature will not work.

Multi-selection Edit Mode accelerated

Multi-selection Edit Mode is a convenient tool to adjust the same option in several Specific window settings at once. However, there was a serious bug that made this tool almost unusable when selecting more than 3 items: the program began to response extremely slow.

This version fixes the problem: now you can select at once as many window settings as you like and modify them without any performance penalties.


How to Upgrade

Version You Registered Initially New Registration Code Required Upgrade Type What to Do
1.x-2.x Yes Free Contact our Customer Support Service to get a new registration code
(before July 9, 2009)
Yes Paid Visit our Upgrade Center and enter there your original registration code - you'll be provided with the special link to purchase the new registration code with a significant discount
(since July 9, 2009)
Yes Free Contact our Customer Support Service to get a new registration code
(since February 12, 2010)
No Free Simply download the new version of the product you are currently using and install it
Actual Virtual Desktops 1.x-2.x No Free Simply download the new version and install it
Actual Multiple Monitors 1.x-2.x No Free Simply download the new version and install it
If you do not remember the exact date when you registered your copy of Actual Tools - please, contact our Customer Support Service.


Hope the new version will be of great use for you! We are always glad to receive any feedback from our customers so that if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or suggestions regarding our products - please share them with us: send an e-mail, visit our forum or use the online feedback form.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev
Actual Tools